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Melbourne Mums & Dads - Christmas Meet Lock Rss

I've been keeping an eye on those Christmas tickers and it's hitting home just how close Christmas is getting and I know that a few of us are itching for another meet so... how about a Christmas Meet?

What I had in mind was a nice big catch up at Myuna Farm. They have free bbqs that we can use, a playground for kiddies, toilets, and best of all the animals! See below for admission costs.

I was thinking that we could all bring a plate of food to share plus our own drinks that way it isn't all up to the one person and if that person doesn't make it then we miss out on their dish instead of the entire meal iykwim?

So what I need from those interested and likely to attend is basically what day of the week is best for you (Myuna Farm is open 7 days and is great for all ages). We can make it a weekday thing where it's pretty much just us and the kids or we can make it something for all of our family and have it on a weekend so our partners are more likely to be able to attend.



Open Monday - Sunday 10am - 4pm

* $17 - Families

A family is 2 adults and 2 children Grandparents coming with their family are free

* $5.50 - Single (adult or child)
* Free - Children under 12 months
age free

Train Ride $2 each

Pony Rides $1.50 per ride

Looks great but a little far for me to travel even though ill be in VIC!!!

I will keep an eye out for any meets you have closer to me though as i would love to meet everyone (one day). I will come from Echuca (north of melb).


Looks good to me Casey! I just checked the Melways and its a little closer then the play centre.. LOL So you can count me and Rydes in, and DF too if it is on a weekend!

I'm not too fussy with dates, weekdays are great for us except Thursdays, and the 22nd and 23rd are out for me, but if that suits the majority then by all means go for it sad(]

Happy to help organise if you need it too.

one day Amy - one day! smile] Echuca is closer than WA though LOL

K there's even a Monash exit super close by! smile] and spanks for the offer to help - I'll no doubt take you up on it. You mentioned 22nd and 23rd - is that Nov or Dec?
LOL Sorry thats November.. I'm heading home that weekend for a night out with the girls, but any other weekend i am pretty free. As i said, it doesn't bother me if its weekend or weekday, i am happy to go with the majority.

ahh easy to please - my kind of gal sad(]
I wanna come!!!

LOL Dont think DH would be too happy with another trip to Melb!!!

Have a great time girls!
We would be happy to come, weekday would be better for me (Mon - Thurs)

Quick question??

Is it far from the airport??
Oh yaya I will be up for that for sure but preferrably not a Monday or a Friday, although I can change daycare day if need be. Also Ree its about 1.5hrs from Tullarmarine.
its probably about 1hr or so on freeway, depending on traffic
airport is north of melb, myuana farm is kidd rd doveton (sth east melb)

OK cool, I will keep an eye on whatever date you pick and check flights from here.. Sometimes you can get "carry on baggage only" tickets for $29 ew!! Cheap!!

Well worth it I think - would just have to work out the public transport from the airport - a taxi would be a bit pricey I would think...LOL
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