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My name is Natalie. I'm 22(nearly 23) and have a 4 month old daughter. I don't have many friends in this area and would love to talk to others.

Look forward to hearing from you.

hey there natalie. im kathryn. i dont live in hoppers but im only 20 minutes away in melton. im 23 and have a 3 year ld son. im a single mum but have a bf that lives in hoppers so i frequent the area. ds dad also lives up that way too.

looking foward to chatting more. i have msn if you want it just pm me

mum to one goregous boy

hi im tania im 24 i have 2 boys i dont live anywhere near there but i am looking for friends so if its close to trains id love to meet up

HI Natalie. I'm Taryn, I'm 26 and have 2 boys - William 20 months and Joshua 6 months.

I don't even live in Vic. I'm in ACT at the moment but Dh and I are looking at moving to Melbourne. We lived in Hoppers a few years ago and are looking at either moving to Melton or Tarneit. Melton was at the top of the list but we worked out we could get a nice place in Tarneit for a little more than Melton but the trains would be soooooo much cheaper for dh to get to work. When we were there last we'd drive to Laverton station so we only had to pay zone 1 and not zone 2. Dh rides a motorbike so riding that to laverton would be pretty cheap from Tarneit too. Why am I telling yuou this????

Well the plan is to move to vic by Oct 2009. I'm hoping we can get there sooner but it depends when DH can get a job and considering he's just starting some training in Jan with his current job that will help him get a job in Vic, we prob won't be going down til after June when the training is finished.

Sorry to tell you my life story, but as I have no friends down that way (well only 2 friends) I thought it might be good to make some contacts now and we can meet up when I get there. We can go to Serranos for dinner or something LOL I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!! or uncle leo's in Werribee YUM!!!

Anyhoo, I'm here when you want to chat. but hopefully will be donw there soon and we can go out sometime.

hi taryn im tania 24 i just moved to melb and i have to boys im always up for a chat and makinf friends aswell

[Edited on 06/12/2008]

Hi everyone sorry I haven't replied to everyone been a busy weekend. I'm so glad that you replied and now we an strike up freindships with each other.

Kathryn-Melton isn't that far. It's still weird for me to think that there are people so close to me that are on huggies too. I'd love to keep chatting and meet up sometime.

Tania-There are trains and buses around here but I can also come closer to you too as I drive.

Taryn-Don't stress about giving us your life story. It has been good hearing from you. I've seen you in general a bit and It's good to be able to put a name to a post. Tarneit would be a really nice place to move too. I'm only down the road from there. I've only been to Serrano's once but I'd love to go out for tea. Maybe we could all go out one night.

Well my dinner is nearly ready so I'd be get going. great hearing from you all. I'm on msn sometimes but not often (only cause no-one to talk too) my email is [email protected] (I know stupid email but It's from my earlier teenage years and I'm too lazy to change it) if anyone wants to chat and I'll get on soon.

Hope to talk to you all soon.

hi i added you to msn and face book

Sorry just a quick one as I'm getting things ready for Josh's surgery tomorrow morning. My email is [email protected] (yes, one from the teen years and I too never changed it!! hahaha)and on msn sometimes. I'll reply to your posts properly in a few days - or tomorrow night if I get a chance.

[Edited on 07/12/2008]
good morning.

dh just took joshua to the hos for his surgery. I didn't go cos William decided to have a sleep in and I really didn't want to wake him up and have 2 cranky boys today.

A big hello to Natalie, Kathryn and Tania. It's nice to meet you all =)

Tania - how old are Kaleb and Rhylee? Gorgeous picture. William likes to give Josh hugs but never gives us smiles when he does and then gets bored in about 2 seconds and shoves him off.

Natalie - How long have you been in Hoppers? I was there from June 2004 - April 2005 so not long at all. But I loved it. We were in Eton court - just off Morris road. While we were there I used to complain about the shops. The safeway near the train station was always so busy, then the one at hogans corner - well the parking there is just sh ite!!!! and an Aldi would have been great. Turns out an Aldi opened about 3 months after we left. JUST DOWN THE ROAD TOO!!! I COULD HAVE WALKED THERE TO DO MY SHOPPING!!!!

I worked at Harvey Norman while I was there and only made a couple of friends. It was nice though as we didn't have family visiting every day and the phone conversations with my mum were only every 2 weeks so we had something to talk about. When I worked at Parliament house I worked for a Victorian Senator so he had a lot of staff in Melb too. One of which is in Werribee so I know a few ppl in Werribee. ONe friend is down in Ocean Grove so she's a bit far away, so it would be great to make some new friends before I get down there and once I've moved we can all catch up!!!! YAY!!

We had also planned to build a house in melton while we were down there but that fell through cos the developer kept stuffing us around. We put a deposit on a block of land on Sirius Way (which at the time I thought was so cool as I'd just read Harry Potter 3 (with Sirius Black)). Anyway, we were lucky to be in the cooling off period still and got our deposit back. A few months later the IL's called to say they were going o'seas and wanted us to house sit while they were gone so we moved back to ACT to help them out. It only lasted 6 months though and we've since moved twice. The rent here is just ridiculous which makes us want to go back to Melbourne even more!!!!

Does anyone know much about the moorookyle estate in Tarneit? that's kind of where we're planning to go now, but when I look at the website it makes me think "stepford wives", like the perfect community. It'd be great to have the club and lots of play areas for the kids. One house we were looking at was directly opposite a park. I'd just love that so then all I have to do is walk out the front door to take the boys for a play!!!

Kathryn - Do you like it in Melton? Hve you been there long? The place we were looking at building was in Thoroughbred park so I really only knew that area and the mall. Oh, we went there for lunch one day and got this HUGE chicken parma sandwich for $7.00. It was awesome. Wouldn't get anything like that here.

That's one thing about Melbourne too. Chicken Parma EVERYWHERE!!!! i's never had it til I went to Melb. HAHAHA

DH is really excited about getting close to Werribee 10 cinemas again too. Lots of good times there. And best prices too.
whoa, I didn't realise how much I'd written. sorry.....

tell me more about you guys.
Well im Tania im 24 have 2 boys Kaleb who is 2yrs 9mths and Rhylee who is 8mths. I just moved to melbourne from QLD with my partner his actually deaf so it was hard for him to get a good job in brisbane and here he has friends that own companys so they gave him a delivery driving job which is ok money. And in Qld im not that close to my parents and hear we have my partners parents and family so its good for the boys to have them in there lives. At the moment we are staying with my partners sister at cheltenham but are hopefully soon buying a place in the new year where just saving for a good deposit not sure where yet maybe around hampton park but will look in other areas as well part from that a pretty boring life once we move will get kaleb in to daycare and ill look for a job im hopeing to find friends for chats playdates etc... well have a nice day

I'm Natalie and I'm 22. I'm a new to mum to 4 month old Abigail. I've been living in this house for about 6 months but we would love to be able to buy a house. I've been with Paul for 2.5 years and been engaged for 21 months. We're looking at getting married next november hopefully just gotta save up.

I want to go back to work but only a few hours a week when Paul can look after Abby. I wouldn't go back but I need to save my sanity. I live close to my mum and older sister which is good because I have them for support as I don't really have any friends even though I went to high school in the area and have been here for quite a while.

Not sure what else there really is to say so I'll leave it at that and talk to you soon.

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