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NEW Older (38) Mums for Coffee and Chat - KURUNJANG/ MELTON Lock Rss

Hi there, this is all New to me, being a first time Mummy @ 38.. I would love to meet up with some other mums in the area and have a chat and coffee.
I am new to the area, have a 1 month old and would like to meet new mums too.

please pop me an email if this sounds like you...

how many posts do you wanna make lol.

im in melton south. im 23 and have a 3 year old.

oh and given this is a public site that anyone can access i would advise removing your email address and if you want to talk to someone via email you can send your addy to them using the private message function.

there are a few mums in the area that frequent huggies, although most attempts at organising play groups etc have fallen through. maybe one day we will get it working..

anyway nice meeting you.

p.s sorry for the tone of my post. it sounds bad but i promise i dont mean it to be.

hope your time on huggies is as rewarding as mine has been. ive made many friends on here that i hold dear. they have been my strength and support on many occasions

mum to one goregous boy

Hi Julie!

I live in Kurnajang too, have done so since September 08. I am 34 and my son is nearly 2 years old. As Kathryn has said there are a few of us floating around this area, but i think we need to organise a meet and try and get us all together.

I'll talk to Kathryn and Daisy and try and get something organised. In the mean time i would love to meet up for a coffee if you are interested!

Hi Everyone,

I am also new to kurunjang. I moved here a few weeks ago and don't know anyone at all.
I have 4 children aged almost 7, almost 5, almost 3 and nearly 1 years old.
I would love to meet some other mums too. It seems like there are a few of us new ones around here so maybe we could alos all get together at some stage.
If anyone is interested then send me a private message and we can organise something.

Take care

[Edited on 11/01/2009]

mum 2 3 Gorgeous Little Men & 1 Beautiful Princess

im a kurunjang mum aswell im 22 and been here for over 2yrs, i have a 2 1/2yrold and 10mth old boys, im happy to catch up anytime for coffee.etc


Hey we should all meet up sometime smile

Tues and thurs are good for me

Hi my names Jess, I'm 29 and live in Kurunjang as well smile My DS is 3 in April.
[Edited on 02/02/2009]
Hiya Rach smile tehehe
[Edited on 02/02/2009]
Hi, I just saw your post ... I'm a new single Mum at 30 and if a 'meet up' is organized please can you let me know as I would love to come along and meet some other Mums around my age. I'm new to the Melton area and so far haven't had much luck. Also is anyone here on Facebook? ....
I don't want to sound too desperate but I am finding it tough being in Victoria, a single Mum and not knowing anyone so I'm hoping this will help.
Many thanks. Hache


Hi, I live in Melton West!

Im 23 and have 2 girls... 2.5yrs and 1 yr.

There are a few of us in the area, some of whom have met before, so it would be good to have a meet up for all us mummies in the area!

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