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Hi my name is Danielle and i am 21 years old with a 2 year old little girl. I live in the northern suburbs and was wondering if any one around the area would like to catch up.
Hi danielle my names Kathryn Im 24 have a 5 yr old and a 3 1/2 month old where abouts do you live if you wanna email me its hope to hear from you soon! smile

Kathryn,Vic, mummy of 2 boys

Hi Danielle,

I am Marie, 22 yrs old and I live in the northern suburbs too, in Lalor.

I have 2 daughters and I would love to catch up some time.

If you have msn feel free to add me you can also email me on that addy, would love to hear from you some time. smile

Take care.

Meza. xxoo.

Marie,22yrs,Melb,2 kiddies.

Hi Danielle,

I just posed the same message as you!!! I too live in the Northern Subs (wallan to be exact). Where abouts are you?? My email is I would love to have a chat. I'm just 18 weeks now and pretty much clueless. I need some help!!!!

Erin & Jack 17/8/2006 Due 12th July 2008, Vic


My names sarah and i live in the northen suburbs too, in whittlesea.
I'm 19 yrs old and my daughter is 7 mnths old
Where abouts are u?

My email address is

Kaylas 3 and a half gowing up too fast

hey everyone
my name is tarryn and i have an 8 month old son named kai i live in the northen suburbs and would love to catch up!!
my msn is
hope to chat to u all sometime!!


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