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south WESTERN hospitals? Lock Rss

Hiya, I'm in Canberra at the mo but we are planning on moving to Melb later this year. The plan is to move to Tarneit, Melton or someone in that general region.

DH and I have been talking about the possibility of more kids AT SOME POINT in the near-ish future. Only thing I'm worried about is where would be the best place to go for c/s?? I had a classic c/s about 7.5 months ago so no "trying" for another 4.5 months at least, but because of the classic c/s I've been told I will need to have another c/s for any more kids - no vbac at all.

So which hospitals are in the area and which would you recommend? just wanna do some research first.


eta - sorry i meant western hossies not eastern. Just a but geographically challenged.
[Edited on 23/01/2009]
I'm not around those area's but i can help with a great little country hospital it's in Baccus Marsh which isn't that far form the area's you have picked.

My sister had her little girl there in jan last year and also had a c/s and they were really good and caring.It's only a small hospital.She is going back for her second child.She never had a problem.The best thing is that they are home cooked meals and they are so yummy.
[Edited on 21/01/2009]
thanks MonkaMoo. That sounds great! I'd love a smaller hospital with a more relaxed environment I think. I'm just paranoid about anything going wrong. DS2 was a 29 weeker and we were lucky to be close to a hos with NICU etc.

I guess I'd be worried about something bad happening again, but then again I don't want to be in such a stressed environment. PLUS the home cooked meals would be such a bonus.

Bacchus Marsh is only about 20 minutes from Melton isn't it?
Hubby said it would only take about 15 mins or there about's.It's a very clean hospital.The staff and the team and so caring and understanding.
Bacchus Marsh i hear is good and same with werribee, i have heard from a few people that sunshine isnt very good, i went to the womens for both of my boys - but now there is a new hospital built -i was told they wont be taking people from melton area sad

hope this helps

I don't recommend Sunshine Hospital at all. I had my first child there last year and the midwife's were rude. They were not very helpful and treated me like an idiot.They were also severely under staffed, one night there was only one midwife on in the whole maternity ward. I've heard Werribee is a great hospital.

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