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Another question for you City of Casey mums! Lock Rss

I know of the Casey Arc swimming pool, just wondering if someone could give me some information about swimming lessons if they hold them there please??

yeh they do during the week. im looking into taking dd there this year hopefuly

Hi ladies,
Filippa has been going there for 6mths... its $42 per month and its on direct debit. She loves it and they younger ones need their parents in there with them for a 30 min lesson. They use toys and play great games even for the babies (filippa loves it!)
With the membership, anyone who is with the child gets to go in the pool for free, eg: mum/dad/brothers/sisters. The facilities are great and the change rooms are quite adequent... i just think they need a few more... its always busy on a saturday.

Hope that helps

~~FILIPPA LILLA~~ 12 - 02 -08 ~~

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