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Would like to meet up with mums from SE Melb! Lock Rss

Moving Back to VIC in the next few weeks and would like to organise a meet up if anyone is interested!??

I will be in Berwick so anywhere around that area is fine with me, I am open to suggestions smile


I would be happy to meet you at Lollipops in Narre Warren on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Hey emma, Im 24yo and arielle is 18mo. I live near berwick so would love to meet anywhere. there is myuna farm in doveton, near dandenong thats got bbq's,playground and baby animals of course. It does cost to get in but probly cheaper then a playcentre.

there is also xanadu in hallam, its a playcentre but has more then lolipops playcentre.

and of course the is always parks like the one near casey arc in fountain gate.

Let me know if you want to catch up smile

Hi there, Im Diana and I have a 1 year old... I live in Narre Warren North... 5 mins from Berwick... would love to ctach up with local mums... Casey arc is a great idea..!

Keep in touch...

~~FILIPPA LILLA~~ 12 - 02 -08 ~~

yeh diana why dont we do that,either swimming or even just the park out the front is good and cheap fun grin

Yep I am happy to meet up anywhere!

We are hoping to be down there and getting settled by sunday the 22nd, so anytime after then I'll be happy to meet.

By the way I am 24, married, have a 2.5 year old son named Damian and am 26 weeks pregnant with our second baby.


awsome, just give us a buzz when your down and Do you have facebook?

Yeh... buzz us wen u get here...! Berwick is around the corner! Casey Arc or the park is very fun, and cheap entertainment for the kids...! add me to facebook if you like:

Diana Piperno tongue:P

See you soon!

~~FILIPPA LILLA~~ 12 - 02 -08 ~~


We are here now and happy to meet up sometime soon!


Hi Emma.
Im free to meet up as well, not fussed where.
Im Beth, 32 im in nOble Park and have 2 darling girls, Victoria nearly 2 and Matilda nearly 1.


emma dont meet up with beth, she is a mean mean lady :'(

We should all go pools or something???

hey welcome home would love to meet up soon hope ya trip went well.

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