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mum's groups in the west?? altona, hoppers crossing, werrabie???? Rss

hi ladies looking to join a play group, just moved to melbourne and dont know many people with kids,
izacc is 11mths old and loves kids,

any one can suggest anything????

any one have a great young group??????

let me know, thanks

Hi Jackie

Im in werribee and have a 16mth old little girl. Im 32 and my partner is 38.

Looks like there has been a western suburns thread opened up under Melbourne so come and say hello.


Kerryn - Mum to Braelyn Kalaani Born 15/10/2004

Hi Jackie,

My name is Tanya, Im 24 and have a 11 month old son. I have a mothers group that meets 1 a week, that was orgainised through my MCHN. There is 7 of us, first times mum.

I also have another group that I meet with, maybe 1-2 times a month, which is the group that Kerryn is talking about. Which we have just started posting in here, as our group has gotten smaller. We are of different ages, not that age is a factor, so come over and say Hi smile

Here is my msn addy:

Feel free to add me, and look forward to talking to you soon.

Tanya, Mummy to Sebastian 5/4/2005

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