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Did anyone else just feel the tremor??? We are in the Sth Eastern Suburbs

yep, glad it wasn't in my imagination

LMAO Nah definately was not although until you answered I was beginning to think it was mine HAHAHAHA
Sorry Nikki, I farted...
I feel the earth move under my feet..........
Posted by: ~Ricki~3boys~1girl~
Sorry Nikki, I farted...

Posted by: ~Ricki~3boys~1girl~
Sorry Nikki, I farted...

Well can you stop eating beans then cos Im worried my house wont withstand too many of these tremors HEHEHE
From Herald Sun...

VICTORIANS have been struck by another earth tremor about 4.30pm today, with reports from Coldstream to South Gippsland.

It has been felt in Broadford, Coldstream, Caulfield, West Heidelberg, Heathmont, Richmond, North Sunshine, Cheltenham, Keysborough, South Gippsland and Patterson Lakes

A Leongatha resident "Chris" told the Herald Sun, his office building shook and the lights went off.

“It was pretty scary,” he said.

Tell us, did you feel it?

It is understood the quake could have more powerful than another tremor that strike the state earliier this month.

Melburnians reported the quake via Twitter within seconds of the tremor.

"JUST. FELT. ANOTHER. EARTHQUAKE. Frightened" was the reaction from elliepazzaz.

While gooorack sent out this tweet: "Mini Earthquake in Narre Warren Sth gasp eveything is ok though."

The latest incident follows Victorians being shaken by an earthquake measuring 4.6 on the Richter Scale and spanning more than 200km on March 6.

Police were flooded with calls from hundreds of worried residents from north of Melbourne to Sale in Gippsland after the earth shook for a few seconds just after 9pm.

In that earthquake, the epicentre hit just north of Korumburra in South Gippsland, but the earthquake was powerful enough to shake buildings and cause some residents to fall off their couches in metropolitan Melbourne.

Some homes around Korumburra and Leongatha lost power for up to 10 minutes.

Phil Cummins, duty seismologist at Geoscience Australia, which monitors earthquake activity, said that tremor measured 4.6.

More to come
You're always on the ball Rikki
my sister works in the Rialto Towers and they felt it there too (not somewhere Id like to be during a tremor!)

she said there is 2 military helicopters flying around now checking buildings

Me and the boys were jumpiong around dancing to the wiggles, and I missed it!!!! Just had 3 phone calls about it!

Last time i play with my kids huh, what was i thinking!!

Hi Nikki,

We felt it over here in the North!!Its the second one we have had in many weeks.
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