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Hi Jess,

Welcome to huggies.I hope you enjoy your time on here and happy posting.

Congratulations on the birth of your baby]

I'm a bit older than you im 32 and a sahm mum with 3 children,DD 10,DS 3 and DD 2 and ttc number 4].Im not in bundoora but im not that far away.

Would love to catch up and have a chat and the kids can have a play.Im free on Mondays,Tuesday and thursday(only with DD 2) and friday afternoons.Hope to chat with you soon.

hi girls,

i am just outside bundoora and have 18-month old logan.

would love to meet some other mums in the area! i am free between 8 and 4 monday to friday...

Hi Girls,

Hope you are all good and having a good day.

How does Westfield shopping centre in South Morang sound they have a great play area outside for the kiddies and great coffee shops and food lol.How does next Tuesday the 28th of April at 11.30.Hope to see you both]

Hello ladies

I'm not far from Bundoora either and am free pretty much any day.

Hi all,

Sorry about the late reply, Logan has been in a "play with me!" mood lately....

I am good to meet up anytime, Logan is only 18 months so he may not use the play equiptment he might just want to hang with me if that is ok?
If anyone needs a lift let me know...

Hi again,
Thursday sounds good for us although we may be running a little late as Kadan has his pead appointment at 10 but it's only in Ivanhoe so not to bad.
Hi Jess,

11:30 will be fine that way we dont have to change it just to suit me. We are normally only at the pead office for 30mins so should be there by 11:30.

Suzee xx
Sounds good to me - can I just check though, is South Morang shopping centre the same as Plenty Valley westfield, on plenty road past a maccas?
Hi Jess,Paula and Suzee,

Im happy to change it to the thursday and i don't mind the change in time 12 is ok with me.

Don't worry Paula Logan can sit with us all.Im sure DD 2 will be happy to have a play with Logan.


Good luck Suzee with ped.
Thanks Karli smile]

and I'll see everyone on Thursday at 11:30-12.
how exciting... i may actually get to have adult conversations with people face to face!!
I couldn't agree more Paula tis very exciting lol
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