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mums in or near pakenham? Lock Rss

Hi, i'm new to Pakenham, and would love to meet some mums around or near here. My name is Sacha. I am 23 with 2 girls. Caitlin is 4 in July, and Natasha is 2. We just moved from Frankston, so its a bit to travel there often to see our friends down there, so would like to make friends here smile

Hi Sacha, my name is Kelly live in Garfield have 18 month old boy. Would you like to meet?


I'm Emma, I am 24 and live in Berwick, so not too far from Pakenham smile

I have 2 sons, one is nearly 3 and the other will be 4 weeks old tomorrow.

I have facebook and MSN if anyone wants to chat send me a PM and I'll give my email address.


Hi girls.
Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I had to get my compter fixed and only just got it back after 2 weeks.
I would love to organise a time to meet up and meet your children smile

I am happy to meet up soon, my 2 year old hasn't played with any other kids for a little while and really needs some social interaction, as do I!
I will be able to start driving again after next friday so anytime after that we can organise something.


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