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cars that fit 3 baby sets Rss

hi i have a mazda 3 sp23 we have 2 children and just found out 1 on the way. my son will be 3 1/2 and my daughter will be going on to 2 when the baby arrives,so we need to buy a new car to fit 3 baby seats in the back.we need to fit in 2 maxi riders (safe n sound) car seats and a rear facing (safe n sound) car seat. we are looking at the Holden Captiva just not sure it will fit 3 seats across the back seats. can anyone help!
our car is nissan pulasr 2001 and we just fit 3 in. im getting a mazda 323 1995 model this week so im hoping that fits 3, otherwise i guess hubby having that other car.

izacc,ethan and mya

Hi there!!

I have the same problem,

I have a magna at the moment and it fits 2 compaq deluxe and 1 maxi rider, we need to upgrade soon to fit 3 maxi riders...I have found that the peugoet 308 touring will fit 3 maxi riders as well as the commodore or falcon hope this helps smile

Mummy to Christian, Adele & Eloise

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