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hey girls id love to have a meet up when is everyone free is everyone on face book

hi im tegan 23, i have seth who just turned 4 and mia who is 16 months. i know what you mean about young friends deserting u. i go to a young parents play group in noble park. its for anyone under 30. we meet on wed 1-3 at the paddy o donahue centre near the rain station you should come along one time everyone is really nice there

seth and mia

I'm on facebook - Tammy Kitchen. Just send a message with the friend request in case I ignore you coz I don't know who you are!!!! wink LOL!

Hi there
There is a playcentre in Hallam, Star place.
Would nyone like to meet up there???
Yep! I'm up for it smile

im up for it as well.

Hey tammy i went to add you but theres so many of the same name what is your picture of

I'm up for a meet too girls

Hey Tania
Really? Wow - who would've thought there'd be that many with the same name!! My picture is a black & white photo of me kissing Micah. Let me know when everyone plans to meet smile I keep forgetting to check this thing, but I'm always on facebook! Such a time waster!! LOL!!

Hi all. Im free Tuesday week if anyone wants to meet up at the playcentre in star place. I havent been but apparantly its a pretty awesome place. I will be there from 10am. Looking forward to meeting you all.
hi ladies im sarah im 25 and i have a ds who is 7 and a dd who just turned 3 on saturday and also found out im expecting #3...i live in pakenham and would love to make some new friends
hey sarah im tania i all ready have you on face book lol if ya ever wanna meet up let me know and congrats on the pregnancy gasp)

also i might be available tues for a meet up but will have to get beck to your for sure as we have family coming from over seas

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