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mums in dandenong? Lock Rss

oh yeh i do haha were u from Tania??
narre warren

nice not far from me at all i would love to organize a play date for the kids but might be some time as ds has glandular fever poor baby
Hi all.
Im going to head to myuna farm tomorrow if anyone would like to meet up. Pm me and we can go from there. Cheers!!
hi i have to girls one is almost 4 in about 2 weeks and the other is 8mnths we r in noble park and need friends round this area as we just moved before xmas and know noone sad so we would love to make new friends, I am 31 but still a young mummy


Hello carltonangel,

How are you?

I have 2 boys, one is 3 and a half and the other is 8 and a half months. I am 25 and we live in Pakenham. So not too far away!


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