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Wanted Twin Side By Side Pram or Stroller!! Rss

Hey Ladies

I'm after a side by side Pram or Stroller (ex: Steelcraft pebble model or Babylove Odyssey model, or anything similar to those models.

I'm located in Werribee South so needs to be located for pick up in surrounding suburbs but i have relatives that live in Wantirna and Geelong that could be droped off at (i would provide a fee if you were to drop it off).

Needs to be able to take a newborn and 20 month old, be in pretty good condition with next to no scratches tears or stains, material to be in darker colours.

Willing to spend upto $200 for a very good conditioned pram/stoller.

If you do have a pram/stroller that meets these requirments please email me some photos and prices. (I can also provide a bartering system with you, i can offer a Customized canvas painting of basicly whatever you want give me your idea and i'll see what i can do but the one thing i can't do is any true to life stuff).

My email address is

Thanks Heaps
Hope To Hear From You
Kirsty T
Kirsty my name is Bruna and I am in Cranbourne west which isn't too far from Wantirna. I have a Bertini Twin side by side pram. Will email you some photos and my numbers.


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