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hi my name is sarah i am 25 i have 2 children a ds who is 8 and dd who is 3...and a great df
I have recently moved to pakenham and have 1 close friend here and really would love to make some more as moving away from my home suburb i lost alot of friends would love to get to know some more mums and dads around this area
Hi Sarah,

My name is Natalie, 19 with dd Hayley whos 1 month old.

Im not going to be much use for another 5 months but my df and i are moving to pakenham in January! he works and part owns a business in officer smile Maybe we can chat until we move down.


nice to meet u Natalie

Sure i would love to chat were about in pakenham are u looking of moving? my daughter's middle name is grace also her name is lily and my sons name is zach.. how r u finding motherhood?? were are u currently living at the moment?

Nice to meet you too smile

Were looking in either pakenham or officer, somewhere north of the highway...but not sure yet as we'll be renting so will start looking in november.

Your kids have lovely names smile and im finding motherhood pretty good. there are moments of stress but Hayley is generally a great feeder and sleeper, i never realised you could love this much. lol...was a bit of a shock i thought i was already at maximum capacity...

How long have you been trying for no.3?
Where abouts in Pakenham do you live?

Were currently living in Oakleigh East, Melbourne. I used to work close to here before i had bub, and i worked up until 35 weeks. hence why we havnt moved earlier.


Double Post smile
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Hi There,

I'm Emma, I am 24. My hubby and I have 2 sons aged 3 years and the other 4 months. We currently live in Berwick but are moving to Pakenham in about 2 months! We like meeting new people and don't know that many people in the area.

Hope to chat to you sometime smile


sorry ladies i have been on dial up speed but now am full force and can load the page quicker

hello emma nice to meet u i only have 1 friend that lives here she has 2 children 2 girls we pretty much just keep to ourselves but still would be nice to have coffee and go to parks with the kids we have only just moved to pakenham 4 weeks ago..

I am originally from frankston my whole life so the change is very different not having family and friends around the corner thank god for the internet
Yeah it's nice to know people who live in the same area!

Where abouts in Pakenham are you?

i am off mcgregor rd so the 2nd exit to pakenham off the freeway were abouts are u looking to move too?
oh yep, i know mcgregor rd.
do you know where ebony drv is? down near red rooster.
we'll be in that area! just waiting until we can move in now!

Just thought I'd say Hi Natalie!

If you ever wanna chat on MSN or anything PM your email address smile

hi all, im kelly 28 ds 22 mths we live in garfield would be happy to meet if you all interested

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