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hi everyone,

i live in pakenham just near Heritage Springs shopping centre, have a 1yr old and 3yr old, wld love to chat on most nights

Hi Kate,

Do you have facebook or MSN? If so, PM me your email address smile

Hi everyone else, I am lving in Pakenham now and happy to meet up anytime!


Hi Emma,

I live in Garfield, happy to travel to Pakenham or Ftn Gate to meet. What are you up to next week?


Hi Kelly,

I am busy wednesday but apart from that I am free for the rest of the week so far smile

What day were you thinking?


I was thinking Thursday around 9 - 9.30. Where would you like to meet?

I'll PM you smile

Hi everyone, I'm Jen. I have 2 girls - 3 and 1 and am looking at forming a walking group, nothing too strenous, just a meet up with our prams, a bit of a walk and then maybe a coffee/park. Anyone interested???? I live in pak near racecourse road so am happy to meet anywhere...
Hi Jen,

I am absolutly interested, I need to start walking again!
I live just down near Red Rooster in Pakenham so not far from Racecourse rd.


hi emma.
Great!!! what days are convenient for you??
Pretty much anytime!

Let me know the details smile

Arghh...i havnt been on huggies am moving to pakenham in January but would love to meet some mummies before then. Just let me know when and where and ill come down smile

Hi I also live in Pakenham in Cardinia Waters estate since October and would love to meet some new people. I'm a stay at home mum to 2 girls 7 and 3 years old and a 2 yr old son.

Emma- do you live in the same estate?

Walking sounds great too!



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