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Moving to a new country Lock Rss

My husband and 13 month will be moving to Melbourne next year and i looking to get in contact with other mothers in the Glen Waverly area where we will living.
I am not sure when we are going but want to try and be prepared and hear about creches etc. My son was born in November 2008 so would like to chat with moms of similar ages to Ewan
All help and advise would be appreciated
Hi Ewans Mom. I live in Mount Waverley, the suburb next to Glen Waverley. I would suggest that when you move, you get in contact with the Maternal and Child Health Nurse co-ordinator at Monash Council. ( She should be able to advise which is your closest Maternal and Child and Helath Centre and the nurse there should be able to link you with a a 'mothers group/play group' with children of a similar age to Ewan. Also, playgroup Victoria should have some suggestions for you.

Regarding creches etc, which part of Glen Waverley are you moving to? I may be able to indicate some close ones to you so you can check them out. Pleaae feel free to send me a private message if you prefer.

Elisa xx

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