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i know wrong section, ive not gotten any answers in the right section, but just wondering of any good suburbs on the eastern side of melbourne that are affordable? im originally from melbourne but have been living in nth qld for many years now so not to familiar with melb anymore lol apart from the odd holidays.

preferably affordable on SPP as DP and i have just split and am wanting to return near family



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hey jo!!

hey hun, u know me, no idea, just wanted to say im really sorry to hear about u n a... im always here if u wanna chat okay hunni... good luck with it...
thanks chicky xoxo

DS 18-08-05! & look out 2010- a new me is coming!

You might have to go a bit out to get something affordable. Say around Lilydale, is that area to far for you, its about 40min from city

ive got family at Lilydale, although when i looked i couldnt find anything affordable, i thought it would have been an expensive area

deffinately not looking to be close to melb, so thats not a problem, as long as theres access to the bypasses lol

DS 18-08-05! & look out 2010- a new me is coming!

Are we talking rentals?

A little further out definatly gets cheaper say Woori Yallock, monbulk. Just had a quick look and there is 2 x 3bed houses in Woori Yallock for $235 and $240 and 1 X 2bed in Monbulk for $220.

Good luck with the move!

yes rentals, lol as much as id love to buy deffinately cant afford that now. thankyou for that, do you know of any real estates that service that area?

DS 18-08-05! & look out 2010- a new me is coming!

No problems, there is Bell Real estate in Woori Yallock (03) 59615277 & Barry Plant (03) 59647344. In Monbulk there is Dandenong Ranges real estate (03) 97567855 & MRE Real Estate (03) 97566011. Hope that helps, keep an eye out a month or so before you move and snap one up quickly before they go! You should be right i dont think they really like to reject anyone with kids as long as you have a decent reference and can pay the rent! Are you moving soon?

i'm in the east, but moving north-east in 2 weeks. Some nice areas that are reasonable prices are:

the basin
Mt Evelyn
Yarra Junction

Yarra Glen
Ferny Creek
Mt Dandenong
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im looking to move down there within the next few months. im driving down late feb for a "holiday" so will probably start looking and applying then, that way when i head back north i can pack my shit and drive it all down. thankyou for all the info smile

DS 18-08-05! & look out 2010- a new me is coming!

Hi there,

I moved back from QLD to be close to family also!

Although I am the Sth-East of Melb. If you want to know anything about this area I can try find out for you smile
Just let me know!


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