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Finding Childcare in Melbourne Lock Rss

we are moving to Melourne in June ... need to start looking for childcare. Does anyone know of a good website, resource etc that will list childcare in Melbourne?

thanks for your help!
Where in Melbourne are you moving too?
unsure - we are flying down next weekend to look around and hopefully choose an area.
Suburbs suggested by HR as commutable for my husband are:
Kew, Hawthorn, Parkdale, Mentone, Chelsea ...
where abouts would ur husband be working? in the CBD?

no ... Scoresby!
Im starting family day care in Melbourne! It's a little far from you but maybe you should look into family day care its not for everyone and the demand is quite high! But something else to consider its usually a little bit cheaper then childcare as well.

I wouldn't recommend ABC centers just personally working in the centers i don't think the way their procedures etc operate are beneficial to any child. But that again is my personal experience.

I would just google local child care centers in your area and ask to have a meeting with them and have a look around, see how the operate etc smile

Good luck and i hope you find somewhere.

Not sure where you plan on living but if your hubby works in Scoresbys nice suburbs in the area are wheelers hill, and rowville.
(Then your hubby wouldn't have to travel far at all - both about 5kms away) - sorry, not sure why they recommended suburbs so far away, and boy are they the expensive ones! (like that is where all the super rich people live!)
How old is your little one? Have a child care centre in mind that isn't far from Scoresby at all! (will you be working? what area?
Please feel free to PM me and I will PM you the child care centre
Hi Everyone
have just spent weekend in Melbourne exploring. We have decided we will look for a house around Mentone/Beaumaris ... so can now begin my search for childcare.
In answer to above ... my daughter turns 2 in July
Great areas! A site you might find helpful is

Good luck!
Hi there!
I know it's a few years on now but I wondered if you found a great childcare in the mentone area? We are moving from brisbane down that way in October. We may live around mentone, bentleigh, parkdale, cheltenham area - not sure exactly. I'm looking for childcare and a school for my little girl starting prep next year. It's bloody hard trying to sort this stuff out blind! Any help or tips appreciated.

Row x

I preferred a website you may realize useful is

Best of luck grin
There are tons of free websites listing childcare centres in australia. One I have found helpful in the past is

They have a comprehensive list and also has childcare job listings.

An alternative is to jump on the local government site and you can see the rankings of each centre as well.

Hope that helps.
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