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Circumcision in Melbourne where and how much??? Lock Rss

Hi does anyone knows where i can get my son Circumcision done in Melbourne and how much. I got told that not many docters do them anymore?

Hi Michelle,

I was recommended a circumciser by my doc...she says he is wonderful and highly recommends him...we don't have to worry now as we're having a girl! I'll list his details below:
Dr Hershel Goldman
Hampton Park Medical Centre
25 Enterprise Ave, Hampton Park
Ph: 9799 3466

Also at 18 Alexandra St, East St Kilda
Ph: 9525 9795

I never found out the you'll have to give them a call, hope this helps....good luck =)

Kyle's =)

Kyles,VIC, due 16 Sept 06

I am in a similar situation. The only thing that I have discovered is that if you get your son circ'd whilst still in the hospital after delivery usually your OB can do it for you. Otherwise there are a number of paediatric surgeons who will do it after 6 months. Since I forgot to get it done in the hospital I now have to wait until my son is 6 months old. I don't know the cost as yet.

Mummy of 2

So far I have been quoted by Dr. Manish Agaskar $55 for a pre circ. consult $585 for the circ. and a further $55 for a post circ. consult.

Has anyone had any dealings with this Dr. previously. I got his name off of a website for Dr. Terry Russell in Qld who is the leading circumciser in Australia at the moment.

Mummy of 2

Hi I had my son circumcised earleir this year but that Doctor has retired now. We are very happy with the decision we made to do so too!!
YES you will get told that noone does it anymore but thats them pushing their opinions onto others.
I can tell you of 4 places, 2 of which I know people who've had their boys done there & were very happy with the job.
There is DR. R. Stunden in Berwick ph# ???
Dr. H. Goldman in Hampton Park ph# 9799 3466

The following are 2 clinics advertised in last issue of MELBOURNES CHILD magazine
Circumwise in Ringwood ph# 9876 8989
Circumcision Clinic in Kew ph# 9853 2233

All 4 places do babys under 6 months where as some Melbourne Hospitals will circumcise after the bubs 6 months old & then he would need to be admitted & put under anaethestic.

I DO hope this helps as it's frustrating I know...!!
from Bree

Bree, VIC, 31/2 yr old girl 8 &1/2 mth old boy

Sorry Michelle, I forgot to mention that Dr. H. Goldman charges $250.00 & you get $65 back from MEDICARE. They do the circumcisions EVERY Thursday morning.

Bree, VIC, 31/2 yr old girl 8 &1/2 mth old boy

hi there
i have a little 17 month old boy who was circumcisions using the plastibell method and was a great success. everyone uses him and has a very good name in the community.

his in moreland rd.. in coburg his got this really long
i'll try to get it for u.

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