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not following the thread Lock Rss

Hi i am just after a bit of feedback

I placed a thread on here a while ago to meet people in narre warren and people used my thread for other reasons and it had nothing to do with the original subject....... What I am asking is do other people get annoyed with this and to me is seems a little rude .... I dont understand if someone wants to do a thread why not start one of there own ... so the original subject can be answered to and not lost in amongst other peoples subjects and the original person ignored ..... i have noticed it has not only happened to me ..... what do people think


Mum to baby boy Heath born 14/02/2005

I just had a brief look at the thread i assume you were talking about.. yes i would be annoyed too..

Sorry that ruined your thread..

Jake 3rd December 2004, Jordan 10th June 2006

Hi i know the thread you are talking about and i will say i dont get annoyed with ppl doing it and i dont think it is rude of them either.
I am sorry but that my opinion.

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