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Congrats on your pregnancy.
I'm 19 just got married and have a 13month old little boy.
Its alot to take on when you first find out but it gets so much better.

Where are you from in Melbourne? Im on the Mornington Peninsula.

Hi, I'm also 25 with a 2 yr old and have just had number 2. Who is now 8 weeks old! I live in Chelsea heights, where abouts are you, if you fancied a catch up?
Melly22 I just tried pm you but I can't get it to work on my phone?!?
Zoe x

I can't get the PM system to work either! you can contact me on my email: ninadg2 @ yahoo . com

Hey girls, I'm 25 and have a 2yr old and am also 6mnths preggers. Actually Louann, we have the same due date! I live in Bayside, would love to meet some other young mums in the area, PM me for a catchup.

We might be screaming down the hospital together lol, well I live in Chelsea so would be great to organize something, do u have Facebook? Maybe I could add you on there or you could add me as I often forget to come back on here lol my full name is louann stokes... Same to you Zoe, if u would like to add me on facebook we could organise to catch up, hope to hear from you both soon smile
Hey I'm 20 and a FTM to be in October with a baby boy, it's all so new to me and I'm trying to get used to the word "mum" too haha I like it though

If you ever want to chat my email is [email protected]
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