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Sunbury/Gisborne/Melton/Goonawarra mums Rss

Hey I'm Dejanah (DJ), 20 years old and I'm from Sunbury. I'm expecting my baby in October. All my friends have faded away since I have been pregnant because i can't "party"

So I would like to meet some mums to chat and hang out with and maybe make a group of us to all go out for play dates, lunches and stuff

If you would be interested to chat about or hang out or something feel free to email me smile

Also it's not only for these suburbs but all sunbubs smile
Hey gurl I know how you feel same situation happened to me????????my son is 6 months old now I'm a first time mum,most of my family and friends live in hoppers so I barely see them x hope the pregnancy is going okay
Congrats, hope everything is going well with him smile
Well if you ever want to chat or something my email is posted smile
Pregnancy is great just wish the sickness would go away haha
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