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Very emotional the Last week on Levlen ED Lock Rss

hey ive been on Levlen ED for almost a year now and the last week ive become very emotional and wondering has anyone else experienced this and it been anything other than pregnancy??? My period is due in 3days(on Levlen your not meant to ovulate and I take it at roughly the same time every night) IS IT POSSIBLE THAT IM PREGNANT???

Any thoughts are welcomed TIA
hi pinkmumof3 i have been on levlen ED for 20 years now and have 1 child which was planned i personally havnt had a problem with it however we are all different and react differently to things what works for me might not for you and vise versa anything is possible that pill does make me emo lol not every month but sometimes im interested in how you went ? (if you were preggo)
Hey jerm3110

Ive been trying to concieve since 20th july 2016, my cycles are crazy it sucks currently day 98 of my cycle im usually 28 days - been referred to gyno as had scan 3weeks ago and everything is clear and looking good sad
Hey pink sorry to hear that I've also been ttc 3months now with my first got pregnant straight away this time much harder I'm also 28 day usually last time went 26 it's very frustrating may I ask how old you are?
Hey im 30, after stopping pill my periods were 29 12 28 46 67 now 99 but all hormone blood tests are normal too ????
hey that is so strange i think each pregnancy is so different our bodys just do what they please good luck to you hope it happens for you soon i would like to keep in contact to see how to go???
Would love to also add me on fb
Rachel Ireson
hi rachel i know i live in the dark ages a bit lol but i dont actually have facebook what about email?
hi rachel just wondering if your ok you havnt been on in almost a month ?????
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