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For all us working mums Rss

Hello everyone!!!
I am a fulltime working mum and hate the fact that I can't take my 3 yr DD to a mother's group. I would love to hear from any mums in the St Albans or surrounding areas who work and is interested in a mother's group on a Saturday morning, I know we are all busy and have family things to do on weekends but my daughter would love to meet some new friends and her mum wouldn't mind an extra conversation here and there.
If anybody is interested please let me know and we can start organisiing it. Come on it will be fun and we will keep it local.......
i am not near you sad but a couple of girls i have meet on this site and i have a mothers group on saturdays,because some of us work during the week sad although i am a stay at home mum, i understand the need for adult conversation and the need for my daughter to make new friends, thats why i started a group. you are welcome ( allthough its not near you ) to come along ( its every second saturday) or you could try the " just parenting" web site.., i have also made good friends on that website.
hope this helps

Cindy,Vic,with 2.5 year old girl

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