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i am a SAHM with a truly liicious 9mnth old boy. i am new to this site and have always worked full time (staying at home is very chellenging) i was wondering if there were any mothers in the knox area who would like to join me in setting up an investment club, although i only have limited experience, feedback from my inquires is positive... so if you are interested in being involved in something that takes your mind off the napppies and ironing once a month, like i am, please let me know, alternatively, if anyone is already involved in a small, beginners club, i would love to hear from you!!!


Brayden's adoring mum

Hi there,

Just wondering what exactly is involved?? Sounds interesting and I am in the Knox area.

Hi Tia, are you thinking of like a stocks/shares club?
If so I am interested as long as it's a smallish investment as we are on 1 income.
I live pretty close to Knox.
I will keep me eye on this thread to see what you decide on.


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