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young and single mums - eat/sth east Lock Rss

HI all, im due in Oct and finding my preg very alone and scary!! i have sooooooooooo many questions that need answers, and my doctors great but idlove to speak to people with real life experiences, as well as ppl who can give me suggestions. Im 22 years old and newly single, due to me pursuing that.. id love to speak to ppl in the area who need friends too, as much as my friends are great, they just dont understand what im going through.. Thanks grin
hey i am not single, so i cannot answer any questions or give any advice in that respect =gasp But i am a mum of 2 gorgeous kids, in my 20's, in the south eastern sub's!! I'm always up for a chat ... and a coffee if you want!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hey. I'm a single mum, 21 and have a 17 month old son.
I know how scary and alone it all can be

2 yrs

hey how r u going my names Lee, I'm 29 now, but I had my first baby 2m after my 18th b'day & I was single, I know exactly how you are feeling, if you ever want to chat you can cach me on my msn which is [email protected] or you call me 97532670.

Lee Vic, 30; Shandi 3; Jack 2.

Hi how are you? I know exactly what your going through. My b/f left me when he found out I was pregnant. My son is 2 on wednesday and he has never seen his father. He doesnt pay me any child support either. I have tried to get in contact with him a few times but he just ignores my calls. I was also very scared when I was pregnant but as soon as you have that tiny baby in your arms you know everything will be ok. I would love to chat to you and help you get through this. I live in wantirna so i think i am very close to you. Anyway if you wanna chat then email me at [email protected] I would love to hear from you.


laura,vic,logan 2years

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