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Dinner south east??? Lock Rss

Hi i was just wondering if any of the south east mums were interseted in having a dinner meet where its just the mums, as we all definately deserve a break from time to time, if u r interested put ur name down & i'll see what i can arrange that will be suitable fro everyone.

Lee Vic, 30; Shandi 3; Jack 2.

i would like to say yes ... but i guess it depends what day/time etc suits the majority and then if ican make it wink Also, because i missed your maccas meet, i would love to meet you all before the dinner ... else i'd feel a bit self conscious lol wink But great idea!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064


yes i am interested sounds good

my email msn is [email protected]



Mum to baby boy Heath born 14/02/2005

i remember this post why dont we try to organise something i now have my license so it makes i easier
if you all cant get away without the kids bring them 2
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