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Young Mum's in the Cranbourne, Frankston, Carrum Downs Area Lock Rss

I am kind of new to this site and was hoping to meet some new people to chat to and share ideas with. I am a young single mum with one little boy. He is 18 months old and his name is Logan. I am 19 and am looking for other young mum's in my area to have coffee with or go to a park or something along those lines. I am in Cranbourne but I do drive and am willing to travel to Frankston or Carrum Downs or Narre Warren or anywhere else close.. If you would like to get in contact with me you can email me on [email protected]


Kylie & Logan 15/03/2005

Hi Kylie,

I'm a bit out of your age bracket, I'm 28 but would love to chat. I live in Carrum Downs.

I started a thread under pram walking group, Carrum Downs, Frankson and surrounds, you might be interested in.

Rory 11/08/06

hey kylie
my name is sarah i am 24 i was a single mum at 19 i have a son who is 4 and a half years old i live in endeavour hills i would love to meet up for coffee and a chat hope to here from you soon
Hi everybody my name is Clare and i live in Skye. I am a single mum with a 5 month old boy. I'm 32 and would love to meet other mums to chat and enjoy some adult company. my email is [email protected] feel free to email anytime

Clare, Vic, mum of Austin 6/8/06

hello kylie,

im kylie too lol, i am 19 with a 9 month old son, i live in hastings but i am willing to travel closer to u as i drive too, i would love to chat, or meet for coffe go walking etc.

we can either chat on here or i have email/msn

[email protected]

would love to hear from u soon, and all u other girls xoxox

***haydens mum***

Hey Kylie,

My name is Wanda, my little one is a girl , 11 weeks now.
I would love to chat or meet or walking..
I live in Cranbourne

[email protected]
Hi kylie smile

I'm Sacha, and I live in Frankston.

I'm 22 with 2 girls, Caitlin is 2 and a half, and Natasha is 16 months. I would love to meet, and I'm sure the girls would like a new friend too.

Hope to talk soon, Sach smile
Hi everyone,
Im 26 and have two boys, Lachlan who is 2 (well in two weeks he will be) and Rory who is 8 weeks old. I live in Cranbourne aswell and would love to catch up for coffee, park, walking etc. I also drive so can meet anywhere.

Hi All,

I am a single mum to a 2 year old little girl, Portia-Eden..

Have arranged a meeting with another mum and would love more to come along, so please get in touch...Don't be shy...

[email protected]

It is Thursday 2oth March 10am in Aspendale (next to Mordialloc), only 20 minutes from Frankston...
Hi smile
My name is Paris and I am also new to the Carrum Downs area. I am a 18 years old and a young mum of a four month old daughter, Ella. I would love to meet some other mums in the area and catch up for a chat as I am from Cheltenham and don't know anyone around Carrum Downs smile
My e-mail is [email protected]
Hello all. I am a single dad from the Frankston/Seaford area who runs a couple of businesses/ I'd like to meet some fellow parents in the area.for some adult time.
I know I'm not the closest but im in dandenong half the half , I'm 20 with a 8 month old
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