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looking for new friends Lock Rss

hi there all my name is belinda and im a 29 yr old mother of 2 girls 1 six and 1 2 mths, im from melb and would love to make some new friends who have kids as can email me at [email protected] to speak to you soon....

tayla 16/08/03

Hi Belinda,
I'm also from melb, outer eastern suburbs, mother of ONE 18month old BOY.
I'm 26 and a stay at home slave!

Talk soon

Tereasa,VIC,18 mnth BOY

Hi gals, I'm Claudia I'm 24years old from melb also with Isabella 15weeks old. Not really clicking with my mothers group I think I may be the youngest mum there and feeling a little isolated at times.
Email me if your free. [email protected]

Claudia, Vic (Bella 2 and Billy8mths

Hey there, what a great name! My name is also belinda, i live on the penninsula and i have a 14 month old boy.

BB,Vic,18 month son

Hey Ladies

My name is Nicola, I am 36years old and have 3 girls. Jayde is 12, Brooke 9(both from my 1st marriage) and now Jaimee who is 7weeks old. Happy to chat, but would also be interested in catching up for a coffee somewhere. I live in the South East. If anyone is interested, please let me know.
Hi Nicola,
My name is Karen and I'm 30 years old. I have a 15 month old son, named Nicholas. I saw your message on the Huggies website & thought you'd like to correspond. I also live in the South East suburbs. Well, I'll let you go hope to hear from you soon. Take Care

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

Hey Karen

Thanks for your response. Is Nicholas your first child? 15months is a really nice age when they are doing things. Jaimee is only 9weeks old, but I have 2 older daughters from my first marriage. Jayde is 12 and Brooke is 10 in a few days. Would love to corresponde with you and maybe down the track catch up for a coffee.

Thanks again and hope all is well for you and your family.

Hi Nicola,

Thank you for replying back. Yes Nicholas is my first child. Hopefully there will be a couple more oneday. 9 weeks is such a cute age. I can remember when Nicholas was that age. Its amazing how quickly they grow up. How are the 2 older girls with Jaimee?? I bet they love having a baby in the house.
I will let you go for now.
If you like you can email me at
[email protected]
Take Care

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

Hey Karen

My 2 older girls adore Jaimee, they are a really big help, although sometimes they almost kill her with kindness. Since Jaimee has been on the bottle they seem to enjoy it even more as they can now feed her, and because she is now smilling they think its great, although I can't wait until she is Nicholas age so that they can really play with her. How is Nicholas as a baby, is he a good boy? Are you feeding him or is he on the bottle? Are you a full-time mum or working? How was your birth? was it what you expected?

Talk again soon
Bye for now
Hey Nicola,

That is so good that the girls love her so much. We are very lucky Nicholas is a very good baby. He hardly ever cries, unless he is extra tired he will get a bit grissly, but that's it. He really has never been much of a crying baby. He is a very happy baby. Loves to smile at everyone. If we go shop he will just look at people and if they aren't looking at him he will try getting their attention so he can give them a huge grin. I have lost count the amount of strangers that stop us and say how cute and happy he is. Also he never put anything in his mouth if he finds something on the floor, he will give it to one of us straight away.

I breast fed Nicholas for about 3 months when he was born but then I suffered from gall stones due to the pregnancy and had to put him on formula. He is now on cows milk, although twice a day I give him a 12 month plus formula, either in a cup or bottle. How did Jaimme go when you first put her on formula??

The birth was Ok amazingly enough. I honestly thought it was going to be worse than what it was, as I was told so many horror stories. I didn't have any drugs except the gas. Nicholas was 9 pound 14 when he was born, so a pretty big baby. How was your birth??

well, I'll let you go
Take care
Talk soon

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

Hey Karen

Glad to hear Nicholas is such a happy baby. What a big boy he was at birth. Jaimee was only 7lbs 3oz, so Nicholas was huge to me. The other 2 girls were also only 6lb 10oz and 7lbs 130z so I have had little babies compared to you. My birth wasn't the best with the two older girls I only had gas, and was induced with an 8 hour labour for both. Jaimee was also induced but I had gas, pethadine and in the end an epidural and after 18hours of labour she was finally vacuum extracted as she was posterier and also a little stuck. Determined to stay where she was, obviously I am a good incubater.

Jaimee has been on formula since she was about 5 weeks (1 bottle a day) she really doesn't seem to be bothered whether it was expressed milk or formula as long as she was getting feed she was happy. She also is a very easy baby, not crying much and always happy to smile, especially for the girls.

Will talk again soon, as Jaimee is ready for another feed.

Hope this finds you well
Best Wishes
Nicola Nicola,

How are you?? Nice to hear from you again. Yes Nicholas was a big boy when he was born & he still is. I am getting sick of the health nurse telling us how big he is,,(he is above average in height &
weight and always has been)

What was the epidural like? Did you have any side effects from it?? I was too scared to have it as I have heard so many horror stories.

Thats good that Jaimee is such a good baby. Nicholas also loves smiling at the girls, especially the blondes!!! smile

Well, I will let you go for now
Take care
Karen & co

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

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