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hi my name is yasmin im 25 and my partner was in a head on collision five weeks ago since then my sleeping pattern has been terrible.i am raising our three kids on my own at the moment and will be for a while and i think i just enjoy the peace at night when my three stooges are sleeping but i regret it in the morning when i have to get up for school or a bottle feed,if there is anyone out there who cant sleep feel free to reply,its a bit lonely without my other half not here.cheerio yasmin


Hi Yasmin,
I'm very sorry to hear about your partners accident. I hope he is getting better. Is he still in hospital? How are you managing things on your own? I think it is a great idea to hop onto the computer when the little ones are asleep. A little bit of debriefing & a chat with other mums always does wonders.
Hi Anniesmum,
Thanks for your reply,how are you good i hope.At the moment im packing as we are moving to Parkdale on sunday,so i have to do my xmas shopping in between.My partner just got out of hospital and is staying with his mum as it would be hard to pack with shower chairs etc around he was the luckiest man alive the night of the accident his brain and spine are okay he had a punctured lung that collapsed on the way to the hospital,a smashed knee cap,broken shoulder and collar bone,shattered heel and ankle so it will take a few months before he is up and about other than that the worst is over so we are now lookin forward to settling in our new house and to enjoy many children do you have,i have three boy5 and girl 4 froma previous relationship and a 6 mnth old girl with the love of my life,but my partner has practically adopted my older kids,he has raised them with me since they were 1 and 2 yrs old.nay way my email address is [email protected] i'd love to hear from you.hope you have a happy and safe wishes yasmin


Hi Yasmin,
Sounds like your husband had his gaurdian angel watching over him on the night of the accident. Congratulations on him coming out of hospital. At least your family can be together for christmas. I to have 3 children, boy 10.5 years, girl 8 years, and boy 8 months. I will chat anytime you like.

Mother of 3, Qld

hi tracey,
thanks for writing,id love to hear from you my email address is [email protected] my other half is home and we had a good christmas and am enjoying our new house,hope you and your clan had a great xmas,my yougest is now 7 myhs and looks like a pudding my two eldest are off to school and kinder next week,these holidays have been the longset 6 weeks of my life.hope to hear from you soon best wishes yasmin


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