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Moving to Melbourne - your advise please. Lock Rss

Hello everyone,

We are planning to move to Melbourne (from Canberra) late this year.
We don't have much idea about Melbourne's suburbs, public transports etc.
We have 2 daughters (1.5 and 3.5 yo). We would appreciate any advise you might have specially in relation to suburbs, public transports, kindergarten/schools for the kids etc.

I will be working at The Alfred Hospital (in Prahran). Ideally we are looking to rent a house within 30 mins commute to work (Prahran).
Which suburbs would be good in terms of safety, good access to public transport, kindergarten/schools.

Somewhere like Ringwood/Mitcham/Vermont is nice and close to the freeway to travel into work. 30 minutes would be about right off-peak traffic but during peak traffic it would take about double that.

Public Transport in this area is fantastic, buses and trains - and the reputation of Eastern suburbs in Melbourne is fantastic. There is quiet a lot of childcare faciticites and some great schools in the area - there is Tintern Girls Grammer in Ringwood East and then Our Lady in Box Hill (which is about 10 minutes away)

Also it depends what type of house you are looking for - if you are after a big backyard and a leafy street, these areas are great. If you don't mind something more compact then you could look at more city fringe locations, these will cost more, but there are some great schools in the area. I guess the best thing about renting is that if you don't like where you are it's not much hassle at your kids ages now to just move somewhere else.

It really depends on how much you are willing to pay per week in rent and what you would expect from what you are willing to pay. The areas around where you will be working are nice (such as Malvern, Hawthorn and Glen Iris) but are also really pricey! If you head out east a little more to areas such as Mitcham, Blackburn and Nunawading you will get more for your money but will be further away from where you are working.

How will you be commuting to work (car or public transport) because this will affect the amount of time it takes you to travel....during peak it can be quicker using PT as long as the services aren't delayed or cancelled.

I would suggest looking for something close to the Eastern Freeway if you are planning on driving....good luck!
Thanks a lot for your good advice. Speaking of the rent I am willing to pay betwn 300-350/week and would like to have a 3 bedroom house with a backyard for the kids. I don't drive very often so need to rely on PT mostly and during afterhours oncall my husband will be able to drive me to work. But what you said that the suburbs closer to Alfred is really quite expensive.So don't know what it is a practical thing to do? The suburbs you have mentined How long will it take to PRAHRAN by PT? Can anyone recomend any good website for rental properties? I had a look in Domain and realstate properties.
Any adivice is greatly appreciated.
Prahran is on the Sandringham line so you could look in that area if you want to catch the train.

From the start of the Eastern FWY to the Alfred i would allow about 45mins, but this type of travel time is very typical of Melbourne, when i worked it would take me about 1 hour or so to get to work.

for try for rentals, they seem to be the biggest website to rent/buy.

No offence, but goodluck trying to find somewhere to live so close to the Alfred with 3 bedrooms and a backyard in your price range. Some times it would take me 30minutes in peak traffic to get from Richmond to the city. The roads around inner melbourne are poorly designed.
Have a look at the Melbourne public transport website:

There is a link for "Maps Stations Stops" which shows the train lines and you can find Prahran on the Sandringham line - if you look at the suburbs on the lines around that area and then check rentals at you will get an idea of what your price range will get you in that area.

You will get a nice three bedroom property in the outer eastern suburbs for that price (anywhere east of Box Hill) but not really in the inner east or inner south east I am afraid....the closer you are to the city the more you pay and rent is much more expensive east of the city than it is west of the city.

Good luck!
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