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my name is heather and l am 28 years old (02/02/76). l am married to geoff 30 and we have 4 sons. Justin is nearly 11 years (1/3/93), andrew is nearly 9 years (8/4/95), john is nearly 6 years (16/3/98) and my last is mark who is 7 mths (12/7/03). l like to make new friends, surf the net, being a mum, reading a good novel - when there is time to. l would love to make new email friends and young mums as l was 17 when l had justin. feel free to email me or icq me as l am open and always making new friends.
email: [email protected]
icq: 30163726
take care and write soon

heather,vic, 5 boys

Hi Heather,
My name is Tanya and I am nearly 32. I am not mum to four boys, only tthree. My oldest Timothy is 8, then Lachlan is 6 and Samuel is 4 1/2 months. I am married to Justin. I am going to return to my primary school job tomorrow after having time off to have Samuel. I love to spend time with my family 4wdriving or camping, I too love to read a good book. Look forward to haering from, you.
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