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huggies mums on face book??

hi ladies, the best way to meet people is on facebook, its a great way to keep in touch. im jack...

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hi ladies i feel the same facebook is awesome feel free to add me bianca leahy look forward to chatting to u all

Kyz mumma of 2

Im the old one

Im 36 this yr and 2 kiddies a girl 13 yrs and a boy 2 on sat.28thfeb im kylie by the way hope im ...

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hi gurlz i have hotmail it is Please contact me there


Alonta Medows

Hi Just wondering if there are any mums in this area that would like to meet up or even might hav...

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hey i kno there are a few playcentres down old geelong road hoppers crossing(industrial area) and some of them have vouchers u can p...


Free Shipping (Baby and toddler items)

Free Shipping (Baby and toddler items) Needing baby items I just received a email from these gu...

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catherine shell

help with accomedation

hi can anyone give me ideas on good places to stay in melburne ? we have 4 kids, we are wanting t...

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hi, We moved from SA about 18 months ago and stayed in accomodation for a month while looking for a house. We had 3 kids then and i ...


And good parks south east melb

Hey guys does anyone know of any really good parks on melbournes south east we are after one that...

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house for rent in hopoers crossing

hi everyone i am breaking my lease so i need to relet it quick as im moving in with my mum its a ...

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yeah i wouldnt mind inspecting it i will pm you my phone numbers and things so hard trying to find a place being a young family xXx

FREE Movie @

Mums / Dads with Positive Attitude… You’ve gotta take a look at this! Are you like me, the multi...

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Hi Jaqueline, Welcome to huggies. Congratulations on your pregnancy.]

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I'm in the Kurunjang/Melton area. Not sure how far away Hawthorn is as i still don't really know my way around Melbourne too well

Free Concert

I got this email and thought I would pass on the info to those who may be in Melbourne and intere...

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Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale, Essendon, Maribyrnong, Kensington

Hi I'm Marie, 22 yrs old. I have 2 DD's 4yrs & 4 months. Any mums & bubs out there that want to ...

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Hi there i'm 25 and have 2yr old son and live in kings park which isn't that far from you, would love to chat or meet up for a play ...


having a tupperware party is also a way to help those affected by the bush fires....

hi everyone i just thought i would let you all know that tupperware are helping all families affe...

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Playgroup anyone???

I have recently taken over as co-ordinator for the playgroup that my kids go to, and there are a ...

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Have pm'd you.


Bayside and Mornington Peninsula Mums!

Hey all, I am looking to meet some more stay at home mums, mums to be in my area of similar age....

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Im Stephanie and have a 5 year old and a 2 year old, tuesdays and thursdays are good for me to meet up.


Junglemania meet up Taylors lakes Thurs 19thh feb!!!!!!

Hello ladies i have organised a first meet up at Junglemania playcentre at taylors lake On Thurs ...

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getting married 2009, where in melbourne did u get married??

hi everyone, my partner and i have decided on getting married next november but we dont really kn...

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I got married 2 years ago at Werribee Mansion in the gardens there. Was very nice!


NEW Older (38) Mums for Coffee and Chat - KURUNJANG/ MELTON

Hi there, this is all New to me, being a first time Mummy @ 38.. I would love to meet up with som...

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Hi, I live in Melton West! Im 23 and have 2 girls... 2.5yrs and 1 yr. There are a few of us in the area, some of whom have met bef...


New Melbournite looking for Mummy friends ;O)

Hi my name is Hache, I'm a single Mum, I've just turned 30, have a beautiful 8 month old baby boy...

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yeh there is a melbourne weekend meet thread and though a few have said they would prefer a park and not so much cost, I might make ...


Tomorrow (14 Feb 2009)

there i fundraiser at AMBERLEY PARK, Ormand Road, Narre Warren, to raise money for the victims...

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Ok you crazy Melbournites

i would due to the air con on the planes being so fricken cold

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We fly in on Monday at 2.45. Should I take jumpers on the plane for us or would I be ok with just our summer gear? edited due to do...


Australian Red Cross Bushfire Appeal

Hey there Huggies members i have been following as to what has happened in the latest bushfire di...

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no idea love, but I hope you find one and have a great Valentines Day!

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Posted by: reesimone. It'd be totally booked out by now, but does the Tram Restaurant still run?? I've always wanted to go on that....


outter eastern subs mum.

hi all! my name is mel, im 19 from croydon south. im engaged and have a gorgeous 2 yr old girl. ...

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hey i'm misty i'm 18 from doncaster east and have a 2 week 4 day old daughter named maddison and looking to make some friends as al...

baby girl_05


My name is beck and Im an a partylite consultant looking for people who love candles and would li...

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Target is searching for the next child stars

Does your child have pizzazz and sparkle? Are they outgoing, adventurous and know how to have fun...

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Melborne people please help me out

Hello all, I am wanting some help, We are coming for a holiday in april to Melborne/VIC its my ...

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also check out smith street, collingwood, lots of factory outlets there too


what are good area

what areas in melbourne are good to stay in. i want to come down sometime this year to see melbou...

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wanting to purchase tupperware on store location

hi there just letting anyone thats interested in buying some tupperware at a store there will be ...

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Another question for you City of Casey mums!

I know of the Casey Arc swimming pool, just wondering if someone could give me some information a...

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Hi ladies, Filippa has been going there for 6mths... its $42 per month and its on direct debit. She loves it and they younger ones ...




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I love to go shopping and going out for lunch/coffee, taking kids to park.etc would love to catch up msn/email-


Anyone know of any....

Jobs going for Electricians anywhere around melbourne?? Your help or ANY info would be appreciat...

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ring Laser Thomastown. 9464 5591.


south WESTERN hospitals?

Hiya, I'm in Canberra at the mo but we are planning on moving to Melb later this year. The plan i...

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I don't recommend Sunshine Hospital at all. I had my first child there last year and the midwife's were rude. They were not very hel...

Blistering weather

I dont Mind low mid 30's but when it gets above 36 and into the 40's its unbearing with young kid...

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Hi im Tania and im 24 i have 2 little boys Kaleb who is 2yrs 8mths old and my baby Rhylee who is ...

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we are meeting this thursday all going well. morning would suit me if that is alright with others.


Working from Home - Anyone interested???

Hi all, Happy New Year!! If i could show you a way to work from home with your own home based bus...

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South / south eastern / eastern suburbs - Playdate, Kids space play centre

If you are interested in a catch up, chat, coffee and friends (for you and your littlies) please ...

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hey girls well i didnt hear back from use with whats happening so beth and i have decided to meet at kids space cheltenham tomorrow ...


A good idea

Hello, On mothers day, My mum and I went to church. I hadnt been for a very long time , but they ...

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If anyone needed to use the centre it is in Frankston opposite the train station. They are really caring and need all the help they ...


Birthday Party Venue...ideas?

Hi I am starting to think about my kid's birthday party and wondering if anyone has any ideas on ...

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xanadus is great is really big i know a few people that have had parties there and they just take there own food its a great way to ...


young mummies in melbourne.....NEED FRIENDS

Hi..Im lydia, im 19yrs i live in Fitzroy north, and have a 19mth old daughter Lolita..It gets pre...

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Hi Lydia, Im 21 and my daughter Filippa is nearly 1, same thing happend to me... my msn is add me to msn and ...


anyone interested in tupperware

hi there my names kylie i just started selling tupperware a lil while ago and just letting everyo...

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