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Kyz mumma of 2

yep new friends for me... Lock

lookin for new friends .Lonely stay at home mum with 2.

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ok girls lets work a way out that i can give u my number....


any muslim mums in melbournes west? Lock

hi im alina, just wondering if any muslim mums are innterested in meeting up for friendship and ...

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hi, wanting to meet young mums in st albans Lock

Hi Laura My name is bianca i'm 25 and have a 2yr old son i am in kings park not far from you Do...

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hi laura, congrats on your news,i aso ive in st albans and my kids are simiar age to yours.alia is 3 1/2 and rayhan is 2 and i am al...


Activities/Clubs for 3 year old to do Lock

Hi, Ive been looking into gymnastics, dancing, little athletes etc and have found that most thin...

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This gymnastics club have sessions for younger children and it is fantastic. I took my son for a year and he has now graduated to t...

Kyz mumma of 2


Hi everyone there is a playgroup just starting up in Williamstown on tuesday at this stage its 11...

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Any mums!! Lock

Hey Im so willing to have a chat!! My name is Kirsty, I have a 19 month old Son and im expecting ...

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Hey!! Where abouts in Melbourne are you ladies? I have 3 kids but my youngest is a 10 month old lil girl ... would love to chat!! xo


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Need to know what th name of cranbourne restaurant/pub is ASAP! Lock

I am looking for the name and if possible phone number of a pub/restaurant in Cranbourne (melbour...

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Yep i'd say you'd be looking for Kelly's. And like the other poster said there's also The settlement.


Child Care Out of Pocket Fees Lock

Hi Everyone, Can someone please give me a rough idea on what a working family pay for child care...

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hi katie it all depends of the level of support you get from centrelink and how much you earn etc. i get no help at all a my partner...


stay at home mum Lock

hi everyone! im a stay at home mum that sells avon in the western suburbs of melbourne, if u live...

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Attention Free Newborn Session Lock

Hi Everyone, I am looking to update my photography marketing materials and need some gorgeous ne...

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Hi Everyone, I still have one session left. Please contact me asap if you are interested. Thanks. Kylie


Bayside Younhg Mummies Lock

Hello, I am 23 with a son named ethan who is 5 months! Wondering if there are any mothers from ...

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Hi my name is Emma i an 21 and 8 months pregnant St Kilda area. Id love to catch up or chat some more, just email me at [email protected]


Melbourne Meet Up Lock

I think the sticky was removed so no weirdos rock up. Not usre on the others I think it was due ...

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WHY is there no STICKY? WHY have the venues been CHANGED? WHY are people 'UPSET'?? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? For The Record - im going ...


hello everyone.. baby shows melbourne Lock

hey im a first time mum and my daughter is 15months now..ive been trying to find some baby shows ...

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Dads Group Cranbourne, Berwick area etc Lock

Hi there. Just putting my feelers out if anyones interested in getting the Dads involved in a wee...

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HI, there is a dads only playgroup at the Hallam commmunity centre, on saturday morings 10 - 12, i think its about $2.00 the centre ...


Any Melton Mummies wanting to get FIT? Lock

I am trying to be good and attend the gym on a regular basis!! I started off really well but fel...

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Hi, I've always had the idea of getting fit again.....but can never find the time! I've opted for buying a trailer for the back of ...


Open day Saturday 3rd October (2009) 11am-1pm Lock

Hey ladies, we are having a little morning tea open day at my childcare centre next saturday for ...

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Sandringham area Lock

HI weve just moved to Sandringham and wanted to no if theres any mums in the area who want to met...

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Mt Evelyn Mum Lock

Hi, I am mum to a gorgeous 20 month old boy and beautiful girl of 4 months. As my mothers group...

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I've just pm'd you


Wanted Twin Side By Side Pram or Stroller!! Lock

Hey Ladies I'm after a side by side Pram or Stroller (ex: Steelcraft pebble model or Babylove Od...

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Kirsty my name is Bruna and I am in Cranbourne west which isn't too far from Wantirna. I have a Bertini Twin side by side pram. Will...


baby clothing and nappy cover for sale Lock

hi i hv some near new branded nappy cover to sell with a very cheap price, also some baby newborn...

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Beauty Products Lock

Hi all. I am a stay at home mum looking at getting some extra money. I have set up selling beaut...

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Things to do in Melbourne Lock

Hi Melbourne Mums. We are visiting Melbourne with our 4 month old son in a few weeks and I was w...

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hi an alternative to the zoo is the collingwood childrens farm it has lots of animals where they can touch and pat them etc and has ...


Hi, I'm Gemma, I'm from Hoppers Croosing Lock

Hi, My name is Gemma and I have a 4 year old daughter and a 5 month old son. I live in Hoppers Cr...

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Hi i thought i'd join in too, Im from Yarraville which isnt to far from Hoppers Im Amber, 22 with a 10 month old bubba named Spen...


Wanted- mountain buggy double pram Lock

Hi There, thanks for reading, I am desperately seeking a second hand mountain buggy double pram a...

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Hi everyone! I have FREE candles/accessories/body scrubs/bath products to give away. Theres no ...

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werribee and hoppers girl help me Lock

ive just moved to the area and am trying to find a decent butcher that is at a reasonable price. ...

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Playcentre meet up Western Suburbs? Lock

Hi there just wondering if anyone from the western suburbs was keen on meeting up for a chat and ...

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hi, my name is Kat! I'm a bit late too, but looking to chat or meet with people from this side of town. i live in melton, i'm 31yo a...



Hi Everyone! My name is Lorraine and im a stay at home mum that sells Avon i live in cairnlea, me...

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wyndham vale Lock

hi there im kat and 23 and im moving to wyndham vale in about a week and was just wondering if th...

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thats cool. how long you been here, do you like it?


Online MSN Group Lock

Hi, my names Katie I'm 24 and I have a 3 year old daughter. I'm looking to talk to other young mu...

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Thursday Playgroup in Mooroolbark Lock

Hello! I am starting a playgroup in Mooroolbark on Thursday afternoons and was wondering if any ...

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Hi Melissaem! We would love you to join our playgroup! The new term starts next week so it's a perfect time to come aboard. We run...


Frankston Lock

We are looking at buying a house in Frankston. Is there any advice anyone can give me - ie. where...

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i too went to overport primary school and frankston high school they are nice schoo its a great area ive been living in frankston st...


here to all the stay home mum wanna earn cash Lock

This will work for you if you take this info, run with it and use everything to the full extent. ...

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pregnancy centre Lock

hey guys - just wanted to make you aware of a pregnancy support centre in frankston - Pregnancy ...

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Melbourne Mums Lock

Scholastic books has a huge sale on that ends tomorrow. Scholastic Australia Pty Limited 9-11 No...

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Posted by: Bugaboosmum I might be a Melbourne mum soon you'll need a HUGE supply of winter clothes!!!


mums in or near pakenham? Lock

Hi, i'm new to Pakenham, and would love to meet some mums around or near here. My name is Sacha. ...

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Hello, I am happy to meet up soon, my 2 year old hasn't played with any other kids for a little while and really needs some social ...


pink ticket for sale in melbourne Lock


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Would like to meet up with mums from SE Melb! Lock

Moving Back to VIC in the next few weeks and would like to organise a meet up if anyone is intere...

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Hi Ladies, Im Leisa 23, mum to DD Tyla 18 months. Were from Edithvale, and are also wanting to meet up for play dates!!


Melb Meet!! Lock


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thanks for the awesome day Kristy, and sorry about the mess. If your kids had sand in their hair it was probebly from Jack. He admit...