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My name is Debbie and I am a first time mum to a beautiful baby girl Lysje (pronouced Lay-sha) who will be 3mths old tomorrow. I would love to talk to anyone about all things baby and all things not.
As this mum things is a bit more of a trial then I thought and seeing I had only been in Vic for about 2yrs all my friends have been work related so I find not working a bit isolating as my partner is a shift worker ( on 12hr rotations) so days as a family a few and far between as a days for me. I would love to hear from anyone.

Deb, Vic

hi debbie how are you? well i am also a first time mum to my dughter caprice (pronunced ca preece) who is 9mths old now time just flys by. so where in vic are you living? i love the name lysje that is beautiful i have never heard of it before but it is lovely. so is she a good baby? caprice is teething at the moment she has just got her first tooth but hasnt been sleeping well for awhile now. so anyway if ya wanna chat about anything or everything my e-mail is [email protected] and i also have msn messenger ok seeya nat
thanks for such a quick reply Nat a will get an e-mail to you over the weekend. But to quickly answer some of your questions I am in Ballarat, and Lysje is a great baby besides the little sleep during the day but at least she is happy and we get to sleep at night so I can't complain.
Until you get my e-mail here is my address [email protected] just in case you have a filter on your inbox.

Deb, Vic

Hi Debbie,
Lysja really is a beautiful name. I'd like to know where you found or heard it? Anyway welcome to this message board. I'm fairly new here too, I've got a 4 month old girl named Montana. We live on a sheep property near Balmoral, between Horsham & Hamilton. But I lived in Ballarat for about 4 years when I was studying and working as an architectural computer draftserson. Which part of Ballarat are you? I moved around heaps, I loved our Brown Hill house the most though. And I lived in Eureka St. for ages.
Lysja sounds the same as Montana when it comes to sleeping.....not so much at day, but a good full night usually. So no complaining here either.
Anyway, if you're looking for another person to write to, my email is [email protected]

All the best,

Robyn, mum to Montana,18-10-03 + Diesel,26-3-06

Thanks for your response Robyn I am always happy to write to anyone, who is looking for another person to write the more people you write to the better it is really.
So I have sent you a message hope you recieved and hopefully we can talk soon.

Deb, Vic

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