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Bendigo and surrounding areas Lock Rss

I am a brand newie.
I am Bendigo born and bred, but have moved out of town. Just wondering how many others there are here?
I have 2 children a 2 year old daughter and a 5 month old son, I have just moved back to bendigo well Axedale and I don't know anyone here, Would love to chat to you sometime,
I have msn and yahoo if your interested..


Mum to Isabella Lily

Hi there!
I have a nearly 8 month old son. I don't know alot of other mums, most of my friends are single.
My name's Nicky, I'm 24.
Look forward to chatting to you:)
Hey Girls, I'm from Bendigo only moved here about a year ago, still do not know anyone & looking at making friends with other mums/mums-to-be!
I'm 22 and 28 weeks pregnant..
Would anyone like to chat?
Let me know and I'll give you my details.
Renee smile

Hey Girls, i'm also from Bendigo and have moved here about a year ago.
I am 29 years old have 2 sons Ethan 23months and Locke 4 months.
I am looking for same friends for my boys and myself if anyone like to chat send a msg.

mel, vic, ethan and locke

Hi girls,
I too am new to Bendigo. Arrived at the start of January and our twins arrived at the start of March. We have 6 kids all up. 2 girls aged 17 & 15 then 4 boys aged 12, 18 months and the twins are 8 weeks. Would love to chat to some other Mums and even arrange a meet up if we could. Love being here but its a big change from the Gold Coast.

Di, 6 kids. 17,15,12,18 months, 8 wk old twins

Hi di matt

you must have your hands fill with 4 boys under 2 and i think i have it bad with 2 boys under the age of 2.
Where abouts in Bendigo do you live i live in Golden square.
It would be good to catch up with you.
talk to you soon.

mel, vic, ethan and locke

hi di,
im nikita shit six kids im freaking out about having my 3rd..'
i have a 3 1/2 daughter and a 22 month old son and one due in feb..
Hi everyone smile I am in Castlemaine and would love to meet some other mums.
I have a 5 month old girl grin
Hi everyone,
My name is Alicia and I just moved out to Epsom a few weeks ago. I have a 2 1/2 year old son called Caleb and a baby girl due in 4 days. I'm 24 and don't really know that many people here with kids. I'd love to hear from you guys too and maybe catch up at the lake for a play sometime.

Mum to Caleb & Indy

We are moving to Bendigo next year in May! I'm really excited!

I'd love to have a catch up with some people over there.. maybe we could have a meet up over there on a weekend ?


I have just moved back to Bendigo i was born n bread here until i was 14 and dragged away now i'm 25 and married back in bendigo in strathdale. and expecting my first 2, my twins are due early june. and i am looking for more friends in the area.

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