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Bendigo and surrounding areas Lock Rss

Hey everyone smile
My names Kate and I live in Maldon. I have a daughter Bella who is nearly 22 months old, and a step daughter Lana who is 6 and stays with us every 2nd weekend.
I don't know many people in the area at all, and my little girl doesn't have any friends except her sister. I would love to get to know some other young mums in the area. I'm 23 by the way smile

I live in Epsom. I have two girls a 5 year old and a 2 1/2 year old. I would love to meet up with other mothers and have a chat sometime. Please msg me so we can exchange details.
Hi, My name is Amanda and I'm from Maryborough, so not too far from Bendigo. I have a 4yo girl and a 7yo boy. I am a SAHM but have just started doing a party plan which sells kids books and CD ROMS. I miss having Adult conversations, so feel free to message me. [email protected]

I also know kleiny, she is really nice for those who have not met her
Hi All,
It's Alicia again. I have joined a mums group that I found on facebook. The group is 'Bendigo mums group' if you want to look it up. I've met some really great mums and I see them at least once a week. I've made some great friends from it, and anyone is welcome to join. Hope to see some newbies soon!!

Mum to Caleb & Indy

Hi girls we r orignally from benders but moved about 2 yrs ago to wa. We still have our house in eaglehawk so we r moving back in July, would like to meet some new mummies. I am 24 and have 2 girls Caity 3 and Sammy 2 (11 1/2 months apart) looking foward to meeting u all. Drop me a line on msn [email protected]


Hi there

I am from bendigo too and have 12 month old twins and a 3 year old.

Have you made many friends in Bendigo yet?

How are you finding the town?
hey we havent moved yet we wil be there in july, but we moved from bendigo 2 yrs ago to perth now coming back to our house in eaglehawk... i cant wait... i have a few friends in bendigo but would love to meet more... where in bendigo r u from

I'm Lizz and in Huntly.
Ihave a 7 and 5 year old boys and a 21mth old girl. I'm expecting #4 the day after my daughter turns 2. Next month we will of been here for 3 years aggghhhh.

So are any meets being planned for the Bendigo area? I have a 6 week old daughter and would love to catch up with some other Mums for coffee, a walk around the lake, whatever lol!!!

I'm keen to have a Bendigo met as well, anyone else intrested?

Hi sorry to intrude.

DF is looking at a job in Bendigo we are in QLD atm. Been having a look on ect just want to know what suburbs are best to live in ect and what the town has going for it, like schools, daycares shops ect... Any info would be great!

Hey there, I replied to you in general, but if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

LizzE, looks like you and me might have to catch up if no one else is interested????

Cheers smile

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