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I have posted that many msg i havent had a response to eny of them. All i want is to find any new mums who would like to chat and mayb like to become friends plz post here if u would like to chat
hey how are you?
ive had the same trouble no one replies to my msgs either i find it rude lol so i stop coming o here for a while and then i saw ur post.
my names katie im 20 mum to ryder whos turning 1 next sunday!! and 3 mnths preg again :S
i live in epping and happy to chat
my msn is
[email protected]

i also found a another mum on here and we catch up every friday ur welcome to come..
where abouts u from?

hi i would like to chat! i live in counrty victora, i moved here from brisbane and dont know any one here. so if you would like to add me to messenger please pm me and i will pass on my details. i have 3 kids aging from 22months to nearly 8 and am pregnant with with my 4th im 28.
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Hi everyone. My name is Debbi, I'm 39, have three kids living at home, DD 14, DD 2, DS 1. Would love to chat.


Hi. Thank you for post ur msg here. I would love to add you to my msn and chat to you. My email address is: [email protected] lauren
Hi debbi. Thank u for ur post. i would love to chat to you. do u have messanger? if so my email address is: [email protected] hope to meet u their
Hi Katie. I am good. I have added you to my msn messanger. I live in broadford. Im about a 45 minute drive from epping.
Hi Kira kai

How are you finding the big age gap with your kids? We have the same gap. All 6 kids live at home still so we are very busy...I take it you got some to leave ha ha

Di, 6 kids. 17,15,12,18 months, 8 wk old twins

Hi Di. Each time I had a baby, 1 child would leave home. I had 2 babies, 2 left. I'm not able to have any more babies, so I was getting a bit worried I would be stuck with my 19 yr old forever. But he got engaged and moved out in Jan. How do you cope with all 6 at home?


hi ladies, i would luv to chat, i live in vic pakenham, wld love to chat to other mums, i'm have a 22mth old son, my husband works full time & i'm also 14 weeks preg with my second child
Hi zacsmum. How are you finding being pregnant while looking after a toddler? Do you get much rest?



I have a 6 and half month old son TJ, and i would like to chat sometime, i live in the pakenham area. Where abouts are you all from?


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