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I notice there are now a few Ballarat mummies on here so here's our own thread!!

So I'm Kristen 22 and have a son Blake who is 21 months.
Hi Carrie!! Where about's are you exactly, an hour is close enough, lol! Tahliyah is a beautiful name! How are you going being a single mum?

ooohh lovely, DF and I spent a few romantic days in Halls Gap over Valentines Day, very relaxing up that way smile And good wine...

Yeah it can be tough, I was on my own until I met DF when Blake was 5 months old. Is she a social girl, maybe just put her in care for a half day once a week to see how she goes?

Another Ballarat mum (just outside, 10min). My name is Lisa (37) and I have a 6yo, 4yo and a 2yo. Forgot to mention that I don't get on the cumputer that much and only when the kids are in bed.
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Welcome Lisa!!

Yep, Blake is in daycare full time, started off 2 days per week at 6 months and increased from there (I have to work full time unfortunately) and he loves it!!! Makes it easier to work because I honestly think he would get bored at home with me all day as he just loves other kids
I'm 24 and I've got a daughter named Maddison who is 2 1/2.
I'm looking for people to host a Tupperware demonstration.
Not much involved, just organise a gathering, provide tea and coffee, and sit back and look at Tupperware.
There's some great kids stuff (sippy cups, little containers, and also a new Kung Fu Panda range), and there's some good stuff for us adults - fridge-able and microwavable containers, some awesome non-stick cooking goods (muffin pans, a jug that heats the contents without heating the jug), etc.
Please let me know if you're interested in hosting one.
If not, please let me know also.

0406 421 492
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Hi Jen,

I've just had an undercover wear party so won't be having a party for a little while but will let you know when I would like to.

Ta, Kristen

I could kind of be a Ballarat mummy, I am there enough.

My whole family lives in Ballarat but I moved to Melbourne about 3 years ago, but I am always going home to see my family.

My name is Rena, I am 26 and I have a DD named Amelie who is 17 months old and I am due to have a baby boy is 8 days time woo hoo!!!

Hi Rena!

Thanks for joining us smile

You must be so excited, good luck! Is Amelie looking forward to having a baby brother?
Hey Ladies

I am not really a Ballarat Mummy but i am only half hour or so down the road!! LOL
We should see if we can get a list of names and organise a mini meet. Are they any good play centre's in Ballarat?

Hi girls
Im Brae, we are about 20 kms out of Ballarat at Lal Lal.
Mum to Jack 4 ,Flynn 17 months and Harrison 11 weeks.
A meet sounds great.FunBugz would have to be the place its the only play centre we have!

Posted by: kristenblakesmum
Hi Rena!

Thanks for joining us smile

You must be so excited, good luck! Is Amelie looking forward to having a baby brother?

Thanks yeah I am really excited and over it!!!
I think Am is a little to young to know what's really going on, but I think she knows something is happening!!!

Fun Bugs is a good play centre, but its the only one I have been to in Ballarat!!!

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