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calling all geelong mothers!!!!! Lock Rss

hi all i am trying to meet mothers who live in or around the geelong area. i am thinking about starting a young/single mothers group with in the geelong area so if you live in geelong or no someone who does and may be interested please feel free to email me anytime.
[email protected]
Hi baysmummy,

I live in Lara but i'm not single or young!!!!! I'm 33(youngish!!!) & have been married for 7 years & I have a beautiful 3 yrold Georgia & Nicholas is 13 months. Where do you live??

Michelle - Mum to 2

hi michy, i live in corio.
if you want to have a chat my email is [email protected]
I live in Lara too. What a small world.

member since 2004

Hi Kristy,

I would like to e-mail you, whats your address?


Michelle - Mum to 2

You can e-mail me at [email protected]
We live in the Country Gardens Estate, opposite Lara Lake P.S.
Would love to catch up over the net or in person.

member since 2004

I'm an 18year old single mum and i live in geelong west.
My email is [email protected] so feel free to add me to msn if u have it or email me i'd love to get to know some other mums around geelong.

BeC TeeN MuM oF RHYLee BoRN 11/12/03

Hi All,

I'm not too sure how young is a young Mum but I'm 25 and have a 2 year old son. I live in Grovedale. I'm also single and a parents group with people in similar situation to me sounds great, but also just meeting other Mums with kids around my son's age, he loves playing with other kids. He's always asking to go visiting and is desperate for more playmates. Anyway hope to hear from some of you soon.

Hey all,
I am a 23 year old mum of 2. my son is a very energetic 2 year old and i have a 4 month old son aswell. I am married also.
I would love to catch up with other mums with kids around the 2-3 age group as my Zack adores other kids and i would love to chat about where hes at and let him expell some excess energy at the same time!!
my email is [email protected] if anyone is interested. I live in St Albans Park.

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

We must have been pretty close then. My room was right opposite the bathroom. I'm not sure what the window overlooked as I was in the bed by the door. I went home on day 4 as the lady who was bought in to the bed next to me made me feel very uncomfortable, as did her guests. Plus they turned my TV off at lunch time and I'd paid for the whole day. That was the icing on the cake for me. So I asked to be discharged.
I didn't mind it but the hospital though, the only problem I had was the ladies who refilled the water jugs in the morning would wake me up, everyday without fail. Grrrr.
Hey I understand about the ceasar too. Ouch I just had to go through 24 hrs og labour 1st.

member since 2004

Hi Kristy,
I think you were next door to me, I was also in the bed next to the darn Bathroom I only got to look out of the window on the second day cause the girl next to me went home and the bed was free for a few hours, I can remember when I was in there for a week before giving birth I was in a private room near the bathroom and all I remember hearing all the time was water running well dripping most of the time It drove me nuts, that suxs about the telly but you were probably more comfy at home as I was, as soon as I started to walk out of the Hospital I started to feel less stressed, I hope to have a home birth with my next one whenever that might be. cross my fingers.

Michelle VIC, Mummy to Marshal

Hi Michelle,
Funny I never heard the tap dripping at all. I managed to get a fairly good night sleep when I was there. I'm going back there with my next one as I had a really good experience there. I hope I get some of the same midwifes as they were great. My fav during albour was Mark and my fav on the ward was Elisa.
I hope it happens again for you soon.

member since 2004

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