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Young Families in Pakenham area Lock Rss

My husband and i are in our 20's with two beautiful girls aged 1 and 3. We are looking for other families to catch up over coffee or for a bbq.

Ellen, Vic, Lexi 3 yrs and Emily 12 mths

Hey Im Heleina I live in Endeavour hills. My partner lives in Ringwood but I would love to catch up for coffee sometime in or around Pakenham?

Im 24 my Dp is 22 and our daughter is 13months.

That sounds great! Weekend or weekday? i am free most days except saturdays. What about monkey G's play centre in Pakenham?

Ellen, Vic, Lexi 3 yrs and Emily 12 mths

Never heard of it, but willing to try any playcentre.
My schedule is:

Monday morning- Mothergoose
Tuesday- Free
Wednesday- Tafe
Thursday- Free
Friday morning- Playgym
Saturday- Study/Homework
Sunday- Dp Day

So pick a Free day lol.

Thursday i can do coffee at F-Gate shopping centre, we are going shopping for fathers day

Ellen, Vic, Lexi 3 yrs and Emily 12 mths

Hi Mummy2,2beauties,

Im Kelly, have 11 month ds hopefully moving to Garfield area in couple of months, would you like to chat / cathc up?

[Edited on 17/10/2008]

hi kelly i have started up a mothers group now so if you are interested in joining us or just want to go for a cuppa you can pm me. i check for messages about twice a week.

Ellen, Vic, Lexi 3 yrs and Emily 12 mths


My name is Jemma and I have a 13 month old son and another on the way.

I am 24 and my hubby is 30.

I am in Upper Beaconsfield and would love to meet some other ppl my own age in the area.

<a href=

Hi Jemma
How are you going? When is bubs due? Would like to catch up soon. Let me know if you interested.

hey im tania some of use have prob seen me around the forums im 24 got 2 boys im interested in finding other mums around my area for play dates and chats or a play group anything really my boys just need interaction with other kids well im off to the shops to do some chrissy shopping so if any one interested
PM me id love to hear from you...

Hi kelly,

Second baby is due on 18th of feb but I dont trust due dates anymore! I had to be induced 2 weeks after my first sons due date so fingers crossed it happens on it's own this time.

My email address is [email protected] feel free to IM me.

Talk soon

<a href=

hey tania
im kelly, ds 12.5 months would like to meet new mums, will be moving to pakenham area in next month or so.
let me know when suits to meet


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