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anyone had a baby in traralgon hospital Lock Rss

hey there was just wondering if anyone has had a baby in the traralgon hospital?how did you finid it your experiences midwifes and so on. thought it would be good to share our stories.
i had my son 9months ago at traralgon and it was great they were all so helpful and caring i stayed a bit longer as thoas wasnt feeding well and he had a hernia on his bely button. hope to hear from some of you soon take care tanya

tanya,vic thomas 17/06/05 and EDD 6/12/2007 eìí?

hi, I had my wonderful little girl in Traralgon hospital she is now 3 and they were great, My little girl Christine was born a month early and I went in with kidney pains and 4 days later I had my little girl with their help. but she was a little yellow and wouldn't feed (no sucking reflex) so christine was under light for about a week and was tube feed until she staretd to take from bottle they were great and understanding being a first time mum and not been able to feed or hold my child much. we where in the hospital for 2 weeks and due to they were not busy I stayed the whole 2 weeks in the roon across from the nursery. they were welcoming back when I needed to return for help breast feeding.

and would not hesitate to go back for my next one. (when it happens)
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