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Any New mums in Traralgon? Lock Rss

Hi All!!
I'm a first time mum to a beautiful baby girl: Nishka.She is 11 weeks at he mo. Just wondering if there are any 'new' mums in the Traralgon or surrounding areas...Cheers!

Kajal, VIC Nishka:15-01-06

hi I am not a new mum but I do live in Traralgon, I hoping to fall pregnant in the next 6 months!!!
I have a little girl who is 4 today.
hope to catch and chat on site take care.
this is going to sound silly but ive been searching for an old best friend that i lost touch with and she went back to live in tarralgon.
i was wondering if by any chance you or some one you know might have heard of catherine elizabeth miller, she has 2 boys and her partners name was anthony( ant for short) ive even tried asking a detective to find her but couldnt find the 600$ that he needed and i think this is my last option.
thankyou, my name is leona and i live in carnegie melbourne.

mother of alexandra,born 22-3 05

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