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warrnambool mums!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Weare looking at moving back to warrnambool... WE are from there but been in melbourne for past 5 years, so was wondering if there is any mums out there with kids my kids ages that might want to meet up??

My kids are DS 7 - DS 3 - DD 2 - DS 8 months



hi,bree im from warrnambool im 18 weeks but have a 11 & 8 year old nice town to live in great for kids

hi thanks for replying...

Congrats on your pregnancy do u no what you are having???

The kids love it down there in warrnambool all my family is there as is hubbys so we were down there last week visiting them all..

Kids love lake pertobe ohh and the carnival lol nice and expensive on us haha

what part of warrnambool do u live in??


hi, yeah its a beautiful town beach weather can be a bit wild in winter but since your familys here im guessing you know that,i never went to the carnival too expensive you go once&kids want to keep going back lol i dont know what im having i have my 20 week scan on 2nd feb & will find out hoping for a girl but im sure it will be a boy not that i mind i live off mortlake rd

are you moving here or still just thinking bout it?
i think good town for kids school are great ive had no problems my son goes to east good school my other son has special needs&goes to special school sorry didnt get back to you sooner holidays kids hogg the computer lol

Hi there

I am in Warrnambool too.

DH (36) & I (30) have 3 kids between us all boys they are 15 (lives with his birth Mum at the moment), 11 and 2.

I was born here left when I was young and have just returned to settle here.

Would love to get to know other Mums and meet some friends here.

hi nat, was thinking wow must not be alot of warrnambool mums out there lol
i am having my #3 have ultrasound on tuesday to find out what i am having i already have a 11 & 8 year old boys so i am hoping for pink lol but i keep dreaming of boy babys so be a boy well soon find out either way i be happy as long as healthy! warrnambool is a beautiful place i too left met my partner in ballarat lived there for 6 years had 2 boys there than moved back here when youngest was 6 weeks old i am happy to stay my familys here & well got beach, great school,good shopping what else do you need lol
how long you been back in warrnambool?


I moved back in Sept last year, my son goes to OLHOC year 6 now.

So exciting your having your scan I hope I have a girl if I get to have another too. I've got family here too, aunts uncles etc my parents are in WA and DH's parents are in QLD.

My DH just finished up work in WA and will be home soon so looking forward to that :-.

hi, yes i am excited bout scan lucky its at 9am i can drop my son of at school go to hospital i think im having a boy my partners side dont have many girls & well since its up to the men to produce the sex my odds of girl is low but if it is a girl id be really shocked lol
i bet you will be glad your hubbys coming back soon! your folks are spread out thats for sure my mum&dad live 5mins away&my partners folks live in ballarat so close enough im sure you get to have another bab, i didnt think i would i had my tubes tired after my 2nd thought that was enough than few years later i did in fact want another baby so after 2 years of waiting i had my tubal reversal last april 5 months later bang pregnat happened really fast lol which is good as i turned 39 in dec so i am getting old! but we did have deversating loss in janauary my brother&his wife lost there son during labour cord got above his head as going down birth canel &cut off his bloodflow was so sad, so makes me extremly nervous cause im next to have a baby so i pray all will be ok for me,its so quiet no kids even though they be home soon at least they bounced to school thats a bounus lol
well have great day i will let you know what i am having! talk soon.

DH and I never thought we wanted any more after our last so DH had a vasectomy last year and sooooo much has changed in the year since and now we are going to get it reversed so we can try again for another one.

My boy came home real happy from his first day at school, he likes his teacher so far, my 2yo will start family day care 1 day a week on Wednesday so that will be lovely to have a whole 6 hours to myself. Pretty sure will clean the house and be bored stupid after the first few hours but hey i'm sure i'll get use to it smile

Can't wait to hear what your having I found out with both my pregnancies, I am telling myself already that I won't find out next time round but I highly doubt my ability to stick with that theory.

So sorry to hear of your brother and SIL's loss I could never imagine how hard that must be, so tragic. My brother and SIL lost one of their twins at about 10wks (due in april) and that was hard enough even when we knew the twin was 'weaker' for lack of a better word and was unlikely to make it to term. I'm sure your baby will be fine and arrive safely but I can understand your thoughts for your bubs birth would be hard not to wonder what if...

Are you having your bub at the Base Hospital or SJOG?

Well better go feed these kids so they don't climb the walls and go bananas on me...

Talk soon

hi,isnt it funny how you think you dont want more kids than you do,my family think i was crazy cause i have a 8 year old with special needs he had a brain tumour at 13months old,had 4 ops,chemo,radiation was tough but now he has a peg in his tummy,cant talk very good, has some brain damage&autisic &goes to special school but you couldnt get a more loving,beautiful little boy he shouldnt be here&doctors are amazed his still here but his here for a reason thats for sure so my family really think om mad for having this baby but i wouldnt be doing it if i didnt think i could handle it,in nathans 8 years i have never asked anyone to look after him i have done it all myself so i am strong person
i am ment to be a mum/carer its my job in life so i am excited to add to the family,i am not married but been with my partner for 13 years we also live in diffrent houses lol yes people think thats strange we did live together for 6 years but we just clash&fight but this way we are happy as we see it happy parents happy kids! i love it have my time during the week& boys love it id rather have it this way,than having us fighting & kids see it this way we are all happy!thats the main thing! well thats enough bout me i will put you to sleep lol .i will let you know what im having. julie (twinklestars2)

had scan everything looks great
was mooning us alot lol
but she said looks like a girl
but if i wanted to do another scan to see i could but as far as she could tell nothing was dangling between legs!

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