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Hiya all.I haven't been here for a while so I thought the easiest way to go was just a group hi.My baby boy,Broden,now 8 months(where has the time gone?),is sleepin really well.He either wakes once,around 3or4am for a feed ,then goes back to sleep til 8ish or he sleeps right through from 7:30 til 7or8ish.YAY!!He absolutely loves his food and eats anything that I offer him.Still no teeth but thats probably a good thing as I'm still breastfeeding him(ouch).Trying to crawl and I don't think it will be too long.He gets up on his knees and rocks excitedly but tends to slide backwards.Poor Poppit,he gets so frustrated.Have just started Kailee,now 2 1/2,with toilet training.She's going pretty well so far.I just have to remember to ask her more often.I'm setting the oven timer to go off every 45mins to remind me...then it's potty time.We start at Musical Munchkins on Thursday.I'm so excited.It's a musical programme for littlies incorporating singing dance creative movement(whatever that is)musical instruments and storytime.Each session goes for 40mins and different groups for different ages which is fantastic.I've booked both Kailee and Broden in so it should be lots of fun for them.Busy getting my home biz up and running at the moment.Printing up the flyers today so I should have a bit of advertising around by the end of the week.Keep your fingers crossed for me.I hope you and your bubs are well and happy.Look forward to hearing from you soon.Take care.Have a great day.Cheers,Deb gasp)

Kailee-02/10/03 & Broden-25/08/05

Hi you certainly are busy arnt you. Congrats on you new biz. Sounds like fun. I have a 9 week old boy and loving it. Such a different life to working full time. I suppose i still am working full time just in another sense. Love to here from you.

Tara, vic, Baby boy born 1st march2006

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