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new mom, new in Vic, wanna look for new friends.... Lock Rss

Hi all, i am new in this channel. I am also new to Melbourne. I am from Sinagpore. Moved here when i was 28weeks pregnant. very challenging time!
A new mom also to 12 week baby gal, Rachel Sharmaine.

I welcome all messages. If anyone in Vic as well, maybe can catch up over.

See ya!

rachel's mom

my name is tracie i just moved to a new town also but im in nsw but would like to chat anyway

mum to 3

hi well my names natalie and i have a 4 mth old daughter caprice i also live in victoria about a 3 hr drive from melbourne if you wanna chat my e-mail is [email protected] just drop me a line ok bye
Hi there!

I'm also a new mummy smile I have a baby boy who will be 9 weeks on monday. I live in Melbourne and am happy to be a SAHM. It;s such an exciting stage in our lives and everyday I am still amazed! I love everything about being a mum! lol

Hope all is going well for everyone smile
Hi Sugarbeb

I'm also new to this channel and I'm in Melbourne.

You're very brave to be in a new land and with a new baby. How's it all going?

I am married with a daughter who is going to be 16months old very soon.

You're welcome to email me at:

[email protected] if you want to chat more.



Pat, Vic, Toddler

Hi there,

I'm also new to this channel and I moved to country vic (about 2 hours from Melb) 6 months ago. Would love to meet new mum's as I am a it but gets a bit lonely sometimes in a new town.

Hope you are all well!
Hi how are you?? I am not new to Vic but am new to this whole message thing. I was wondering if you'd like to chat?? My email is [email protected]
If anyone would like to chat that would be fantastic.
Thake care and hope to hear from you soon

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

Hi Kazz,

I did forget to mention that I also have an almost 16mth old son Sebastian! It's kind of weird....we moved back to the town where I grew up. I've long ago lost contact with friends but have some family here. Believe near them again is weird too!

Would love to hear more about you. Feel free to email me also.....and I will do the same.

Cheers. Nicole (SebsMama)
hey sugarbeb!! where in melbourne are you living??

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

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