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Hi there, hope everyone and there little ones are well.
I am new to this, not really sure ? But here goes.
Any one out there in a similar position. Working, Stepkids every f/n. And a youg babe...
Like all mums, the walking dead at times.
My little boy is just starting to sleep / kind of (grin) through the night, Which is good but I keep waking.
I feel like I will never sleep a night through again.
heh hehe... I love being a mum, very envious of mums
that can stay home with there babies.. look forward to having a chat with anyone.
Regards smile Caz

vic, 11 month little man

Hi Caz, I guess we have a few similarities. I'm new to this as well. I have a 3yr old, am studying and working whenever I can. I understand the sleep deprivation, I have been working since my son was 6 months old (and he didn't sleep back then!) My email - [email protected]
Hope to hear from you!


Hi to you Caz, i am brand new to this myself, i just thought i would give it a go. Yes it is hard those nights that we cant get to sleep, i myself feel like a zombie at the moment as i have a 4 month old and a two year old boy that is on the go constantly. I am back at work with my husband as we are self employed, i drag the kids along with me as i can only get Matt my two year old into creche one day a week at the moment. The centres are so busy and you have to be on a waiting list. Yes some days are great and the world is fine, but then other days you could cry. Anyway cheers to you, regards Bev.
Hi there well, cameron is starting to get more settled, yay... But still stirring. he is one next week boy how a year flies, So where do you live??? I am in melbourne. I put my name down at creche when I was 4 months pregnant. At the moment there is over 100 on the waiting list. So glad I did all that back then, I got in one week before I was due back at work, Thank goodness.
I am a nurse what do you do?? Y ou must be so busy with a 2 and 4month.. Is your 4 month boy or girl? Well take care

vic, 11 month little man

Hi there, thanks for the e-mail so where are you in vic? What are you studing for.. I work 8 shifts per f/n. But things are starting to get better as in the sleep area, tonight anyway.. I have this weekend off so glad, Clean the house and chill out. I also have two stepkids that stay here every two weeks, life is never dull. Boy did I take my single days for!!!!!!! Well take care

vic, 11 month little man

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