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Stepkids, first baby, working mum ---- tired:) Lock Rss

Hi anyone interested in having a chat, about any of the above, that we have in commen.
The frustration, and fun of being a mum..

vic, 11 month little man

hi how are you well sorry that you have to work but been tired is not fun at all what do you do for a job well i would love to talk to you any time just send me a Email on [email protected] .com and time you like to have a chat how old are you and what you like doing ?

talk soon from johanne chambersxxxxxxxxxxx

[email protected] plainland qld

hi i know how u feel i am a mother of 3 kids fun hey lolol how are u going i am ok but i get sick of sitting at home u know what i mean chat to u soon i hope from mother of 3 michelle bye for now
Hi, I have an 8 yo stepdaughter, an 8yo daughter from a previous marriage and a 6 mo baby boy with my new husband. I am 34yo, on 12 months maternity leave and my baby Toby is very grizzly today. The thing that frustrates me the most is being home all day and not even being able to do the housework.............

VIC, G 8, Step G 8, B 8months

Hi there, well I am 35. Stepdaughter 7 s.son4 my little man 11 months. I only had 6 months maternity leave. Back at work 8 days per f/n.
I am a nurse, I look after people that are dying of cancer. So I am kept busy.. My other half is a truck driver. Cameron is teething 3 teeth coming through at the same time.. So yes grizzly, i do understand...
Thanks for your e-mail . Do the girls get on well?
Look forward to hearing from you.

vic, 11 month little man

Hi there, it is fun, A childs inosense is just magic,
most kids now days are to old for there boots..
How old are your kids? We only get the kids every
second weekend.. But life is pretty busy.
Yak soon Caz

vic, 11 month little man

Hi Caz, the girls get on wonderfully which is a great help for me. They are so different in every way so I'm pleased that they get on. We have my stepdaughter every 2nd weekend and every school holidays so I guess that helps, they don't get sick of each other. Toby is just getting his 5th and 6th teeth at the moment and then he has to have his injections next week so I have at least another 2 weeks of a grizzly baby......oh well the end is near!!!!!!!! My first job out of school was for a Cancer Research Institute at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (not as a nurse - secretarial) and I admire you for going back to work after 6 months to an emotionally draining job like that. How often do you have your stepchildren and who looks after Cameron when you're working? My maternity leave ends 1st March so I have to make a decision after Christmas about returning to work or not.........don't want to if I can help it but you don't always get what you want.
Toby's sleeping at the moment so I'm off to do some ironing. 'Til next time,

VIC, G 8, Step G 8, B 8months

hi guys,

my name is melissa and i am 23 yr old.. i have just had my first baby and he is 9 weeks... i have been with my partner for 1yr 1/2 (i think, woops cant really remember at the moment) and he has 2 children ages 4 and 2 from a previous marriage.. his wife passed away so we have the children all the time. i love them to bits although at times i get flustered.. its has been hard taking on 2 children and having a baby all being only 23 yr old.. would be nice to chat to you..

hope to talk soon

Mel, Briz, 3 children

Hi there, yes, that is a big load for someone, no matter what age. But your partner is lucky to have found you and your kindness and love you have been able to give his children. It is a hard enough to meet someone new then there family, but you also get his wife who has passed ,family. I take my hat to you my girl. My partners wife,had left him for another man. Then when I came onto the scene of course everything changed. His family kind of happy but not. Two years down the track I have a better relationship with his ex-wife and new husband. We have the kids every 2nd weekend and through the holidays. We try to work out the best for everyone. Our little boy cameron has just turned one. I work as a pallitive care nurse, I work 8 shifts per f/n. So between creche and dad looking after him on weekends we get by. If you would like my e-mail I would be happy to send it to you, I will wait for your reply. Take care Carol

vic, 11 month little man


i would love to talk to you some time.. its nice to talk to people in similar situations as none of my close friends are and can be hard to talk about.. look forward to hearing from you.. my email address is [email protected]

Mel, Briz, 3 children

I am a 35yr old mother of 5children all up. I have a step daughter 14, step son 11, three children of my own from previous marriage, 9 yr old daughter and a 7 year old son. My new husband and I have also had a daughter together, she is 10 months old. I find it can be very frustating when dealing with dicipline of my step children at times as I feel I don't comfortable diciplining them as I would my own children for fear of what their mother may say or do. My husband also feels the same way when having to dicipline my children. I agree that at times it can be frustrating but there are also a lot of good times to be had with a large family. We have all the children every 5th weekend and during the school holidays, and at other times. (long complicated story. custody battles, court hearings etc.) If you would like to chat more about the frustration and fun of having a blended family you can email me on [email protected]

Hope to hear from you.

Tired Mum (otherwise known as Lisa)

Mum of 5 Melbourne Youngest 10mths

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